Jun 12, 2015

DIY No Sew Adjustable Crib Skirt {No more bunching up when mattress is lowered!}

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I love crib skirts; They're such a fun way to complete a crib's style. Bumpers I'm not such a fan of but crib skirt are a must, at least in my book! 

What I don't like is the bunching up that happens with store bought crib skirts when you lower the mattress as the baby gets older.

I had this problem with my daughter's crib skirt and it just ended up looking sloppy which is not cute at all!

The solution: this DIY NO SEW ADJUSTABLE CRIB SKIRT that is easy to make!

Reasons why this no sew crib skirt and I are bff's:

- It's NO SEW! I have no desire to learn to sew as of late so this is perfect for me! The lazier easier, the better.

- It's ADJUSTABLE which means the sloppy, wrinkly, droopy crib skirt look will not be happening in this little man's nursery. Hallelujah!

- I  got to CUSTOMIZE it to the exact pattern and colors I wanted and didn't have to settle for what was available in the stores. You can even add trims and embellishments for extra detail. Just call yourself a crib skirt designer, baby!

- 2 yards of fabric
- Scissors
-Measuring tape

Some things to consider before getting your diy crib skirt on:

Making this crib skirt is very easy so long you know where to measure from. Not all cribs are the same size so measurements will vary (which is why I didn't include my crib measurements). The highest setting on cribs will also differ from crib to crib. 

Some prefer the end of the crib skirt to barely touch the floor while others may prefer it to slightly drag on the floor. So keep all your preferences in mind when measuring since my instructions are for a crib skirt that just barely hits the floor.

Another thing to keep in mind is whether you need to/want to make a panel for all four sides of the crib or for only the sides that will be seen. I have this crib against a wall so I only made one long panel for the front and 2 short panels for the ends. I decided to save the time and skip the other long panel that would be against the wall.

The last thing to consider is weather you want exposed pleats (where one panel ends and the other begins). If you want them exposed, the pleats will be on the front like mine. If you want them hidden, you will want them right on the corners where they will be mostly blocked by the corner of your crib.

I recommend playing around with your fabric or other scraps of fabric first to see what looks best for your preferences. I played around with different long scraps of fabric before deciding that I wanted a crib skirt with pleats in the front that slightly touches the floor.

Here are some tutorials I read and studied before attempting to make my own:

Phew! I know that was a lot of information but it can help avoid a lot of mess ups. Hopefully you're still with me!

The instructions:

1. With your crib at it's highest setting, measure the height from the top of your mattress spring to the floor.

This measurement will be the length of your crib skirt and will be the same for all four sides (if you choose to make a panel for all sides).

Add 3  inches to your measurement. Two extra inches are for the extra fabric you will need to clip your skirt to your mattress spring and the other inch is for the hem. 

I didn't' bother to hem the top since it would be hidden underneath the mattress. If you do choose to hem the top add 4 inches to your measurement instead of 3 inches.

Remember, if you want your crib skirt to drag a bit (or a lot) consider adding the appropriate amount of inches to your measurements.

2. Measure the width of the longest side of your crib (only measure one side since they will be the same). Here is where you have the options to measure for exposed pleats (hems) on the front or hidden pleats on the corners.

Since I wanted my pleats on the front I used the crib's rotating metal arm as my starting and stopping point for measurements.

If you want your pleats on the corners measure from one crib end to the next as shown by arrows in the picture above.

Add 2 inches to your measurements for the hem that will go on each side of the panel.

This measurement will be for the 2 longest panels that will be on the 2 longest sides of your crib.

3. Measure the width of the shortest ends of your crib (you only have to measure one end of the crib since the measurements will be the same).

If you want your pleats on the front add 4-6 inches to give you an extra 2-3 inches on each side for wrapping around the rotating metal arms (see picture in the next step).

If you want the pleats on the corners just add 2 inches for a 1 inch hem on each side.

*playing around with the fabric beforehand as I mentioned earlier will give you a more precise measurement since you will know exactly how much fabric it will take to wrap around the rotating metal arm.

4. Now that you have your measurements for all 4 panels (and have made the cuts) it's time to hem it up! 
(Sorry, no pictures for this step!)

Hem all four panels (or as many as you are making) by measuring 1 inch from each side (except the top part that will be hidden under the mattress- unless you choose to) and iron the hem crease before adhering with hem tape. I used a ruler to help me keep a straight edge. 

This will help everything stay even as you adhere the hem together with the tape and you will have a crisp straight hem.

5. Attach your panels to your mattress spring using small binder clips.

Secure your shorter panels that go on the ends of the crib first and then secure the longer panels.

If your pleats will be exposed on the front you will wrap your shorter panels around the rotating arm like so...

*if your crib has a mattress box instead of a spring you can use *Velcro Sticky Back Squares to attach your panels.

Once all your panels are secured with binder clips you can put the mattress back on and you're good to go!

Adjust your crib skirt as you lower your mattress by lifting it higher! Voila! No more droopy crib skirt!

I'm very happy with how mine turned out and how well it goes with all the other gray patterns in the room.

This nursery is looking more and more complete with each project which is exciting because it means I'm getting closer to the reveal!!

One more closer look...

In case you are wondering, I got my fabric from my favorite craft store, Hobby Lobby.

Now our little man's crib is complete and ready to go!

P.S. I can totally see this same method working for a regular bed skirt using bed sheets or fabric! Hmm.... I may have to try it out soon!


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Lisa @ Texas Decor said...

I've said it before, but you have the best tutorials! You and I think so much alike and your tutorials always make perfect sense. :) Love how this turned out! And like you said, I love how you aren't limited to what's in stores and you can totally make it custom by choosing your own fabric, etc. So neat!

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