Feb 21, 2015

DIY Wire Basket {for under $6!}

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Hello friends!

I've never posted on a Saturday (at least I don't think I have...) but I just had to get this one out there! It's too fabulous to keep delaying the post...

This DIY Wire Basket will run you under $6 to make and really competes with the wire/metal baskets you see in stores. 

If anything, this one has more character than the only metal basket I've purchased. All of the natural bends and imperfections just add to the charm of it!

I'm not gonna lie though. 

This baby was a challenge for me. At first. 

It tested both my patience and pain tolerance level, but once I got the hang of it (and wore gloves) this second wire basket I made went a lot smoother and less painful.

What you need:

- Hardware Cloth: which is just a fancy word for wire and can be found at any home improvement store. I found mine at Home Depot and paid $6.

You can use hardware cloth for so many cool DIY's! I made a cute Earring Display out of it and my friend Lisa from Texas Decor made this gorgeous Fixer Upper Inspired Project! This stuff is great!

Okay, moving on to the supplies list...

- Working Gloves: you do not want to do this without gloves like I did the first basket! It hurts to bend the wire and you will have a wire poke, cut and/or blister your hands. Trust me.

- Needle Nose Pliers: for bending the small wire pieces (you will see more on that in the tutorial below).

- Wire Cutters: for cutting your wire.

- A metal ruler or any hard material with a straight edge: for bending your basket into shape.

How to make your wire basket:

1. Roll out your hardware cloth and flatten it as much as you can. 

Cut your wire according to the size of basket you want. I found it easier to find a basket I already had and use it for size reference. 

You will end up cutting your wire into a shape of a cross (4 flaps) and each end or flap will end up being a side of your basket.

Also, notice how I left excess wire on both sides of two opposite flaps while the other two opposite flaps were left with smooth edges/spines. This extra wire will be wrapped around the edge/spine of the side that is smooth.

I really hope I'm making sense...

Here's a close up of two sides, one with excess wire the other one smooth.

2. Now it's time to give your wire it's shape! Using your ruler or anything with a straight edge bend each flap upward until all four sides are standing up.

We're getting there!!!

3. Now that your basket is in shape it's time to connect each side to the other.

Remember that excess wire? You're going to use your nose pliers to wrap each piece of wire into the smooth edge/spine of the flap next to it.

Here's a close up of the wire bent (wrapped around) into the edge/spine.

4. Repeat this process to all sides and you are done! Do a happy dance!

Isn't she pretty?

You can use your lovely wire basket for so many things, like storing towels, toilet paper, soaps, etc. 

I put some books in this one and some hand towels in the first one I made and just love the way anything looks inside of it! So very pretty!

You can easily make 2-3 baskets out of one roll of hardware cloth (depending on the sizes) and have some wire left for some other fun DIY project!

What do you think? Would you give this one a try?

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Lisa @ Texas Decor said...

Love, love, love it, Selene!!! As usual, you explained everything perfectly. :) Your basket turned out great and I love how you used it with the books. The possibilities are endless with the hardware cloth! Thanks for the shout out too! :)

Amanda Nellis said...

I followed the whole thing! And I love it! It gets super old dishing out crazy $ every time I want a new basket :) Thanks for sharing! Found you on the Pink Junkie!

iheartstormyweather said...

What an awesome idea!! I am totally pinning this post to keep for later! I love wire baskets!!

Jamie Srock said...

This is awesome. but darn those projects with a learning curve ;) Pinned for future inspiration!!

Amanda Fettig said...

Love this! Such a clever idea, and I love how it looks!! I might need to try this. :)

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