Oct 29, 2014

DIY Rustic Coat Rack & Creating A More Functional Entryway

Hello friends!

Ever have a space that you just can't seem to get right? 

I really really hope a lot of you are nodding your heads in agreement right about now.

If not, it means I'm the only one that tends to obsess over a space and keeps tweaking it over and over again all to no avail.

 Please don't let me be the only design challenged person!

My entryway has been my space challenge. It's small tiny. Actually, it's almost non existent.

So my solution to this was to just make it "look" pretty and rob it of it's potential function since we almost always come in from our garage which leads into the kitchen.

The problem with that was that my entryway lacked functionality especially for my guests. 

So my mission for a pretty entryway changed to creating a functional entryway.

It's still not completely finished but there's definitely some progress going on!

The first thing to get checked off the list was making this DIY RUSTIC COAT RACK.

Oct 21, 2014

Revamping A Lamp Using Spray Paint & Book Pages

Hello friends!

A few changes are going on around here. In our sitting area and entry way to be exact. And although, I won't be sharing the changes in our entry way yet, I'm excited to show you my newest addition to our little sitting area: this REVAMPED LAMP USING SPRAY PAINT AND BOOK PAGES!

That's right, people. Book pages. You know those things people normally read? Well, I've been busy tearing them up these days. 

It all started with my Book Page Wreath- and I can tell you this, it's not over. Maybe I should of started a Crafting With Book Pages series?

Too late. The ball has officially been rolled.

Oct 15, 2014

The Easiest Book Page Wreath Ever!

Hello friends!

How many book lovers are in the house?

Well...you're either going to love me for showing you a really cool way of incorporating book pages in your home or you're going to hate me for destroying a book in the process.

Yeah...it sort of had to be done.

But maybe looking at this fabulous BOOK PAGE WREATH will pacify you...maybe...hopefully.


And gorgeous it is!

book page crafts, diy book page wreath

Oct 8, 2014

Easy Fall Decor: Hanging Gold Leaves Art

Hello friends!

I know it's been officially Fall for a couple weeks now, but Fall weather has yet to hit my neck of the woods (central California) so my fix for this dilemma is crafting my way into Fall decor.

You see, this is actually the very first year I've decorated my home or Fall. I know..gasp, right? And by decorated, I mean a few pumpkins, a whole lot of acorns, my Fall Burlap Banner, a cute DIY Mini Cloche and a Fall centerpiece on our dinning table (coming to the blog soon).

But hey, you gotta start somewhere, right?

The newest addition to my Fall decor collection?

This HANGING GOLD LEAVES ART that was free and just sort of happened while playing outdoors with my daughter.


Oct 2, 2014

How To Make ANY Lipstick Long Lasting {and my favorite Fall makeup look}

Wow..look at me keeping up with my beauty related posts! 

In the midst of all the Fall decorating, crafting and just being a mommy, it sure is nice to gab beauty with all my beauty loving peeps.

In case you haven't been up to date with what's been going on in my "beauty world", I've discovered a Skin Regimen For My Sensitive Acne Prone Skin, spilled the beans on How Grapeseed Oil Saved My Skin and today my friends, I am going to show you HOW YOU CAN MAKE ANY LIPSTICK LONG LASTING!

Because I know every lipstick loving gal owns a lipstick shade they just adore  and they'd wish it stay put longer on the kisser. Or is it just me?