Jul 11, 2014

DIY Nautical Wall Art

Anyone else loving all things nautical lately?

I don't think it's a secret that I am. Have you seem my Mini Seashell Specimen Art?

Lately, I've been itching to incorporate some nautical decor in our Master Bathroom. And what better time to get that itch than during Summer, right?

Well you know this girl. When she gets an itch, she scratches. Okay, that last sentence reads a lot more disturbing than I thought it would so let's just move on...

These DIY NAUTICAL WALL ART pieces are just what this bathroom needed and they were so easy to make. And not to mention, free. Holllaaaaa!!

It was an ordinary day, I hadn't "planned" on relieving that itch (oh look- more disturbing-ness), when I accidentally stumbled upon this easy craft.

I looked at some wall art that wasn't working anymore in our guest bathroom, took them down, went through my craft stash to find inspiration and found some fabulous white and blue striped craft paper and some left over white rope ribbon I had from another project (coming soon). 

Then I had a light bulb moment when I remembered that stunning anchor I could easily grab from PicMonkey to print and said, forget the guest bath, this is going in our master bath!! 

I'm selfless like that.

Materials needed to DIY some Nautical Wall Art:

2. Nautical inspired craft paper, fabric or wrapping paper (heck-you can even make your own!)
3. Double sided tape or glue stick
5. rope of some sort (I actually found mine in the form of ribbon at Hobby Lobby)
6. A printable picture of an anchor or anything nautical 

*Here is the one I made on PicMonkey. Just click on the image to save to your computer, re-size if needed and print! You're welcome.

Or here is another gorgeous anchor  from  Make Life Lovely.

*Of course you will also need scissors, white printing paper and a printer!

I will be demonstrating the directions with the Anchor Wall Art.

How to DIY your Nautical Wall Art:

*Directions start from after you printed your anchor.

1.  Cut your nautical inspired craft paper to fit your frame and cut your anchor to fit in the middle of your craft paper. * My craft paper was cut to 8 X 10 and my anchor was cut to 7 X 4.5.

Optional: If your craft paper shows through your white paper you can double up the white paper like I did.

2. Using your glue stick, glue your anchor to your craft paper. * I used a glue stick for this instead of a double sided tape because it would allow me to re position the paper if needed. 

Optional: You can go ahead and measure to get the anchor centered just right but I just eyeballed it...no surprise there.

3. Use your hot glue gun to glue your rope around your anchor.

4. Put your frame back together and enjoy finding your nautical wall art a home!

*Note: If you use a very thick rope you can always opt out of putting the glass back together on your frame. But if your wall art will be around water, I recommend you seal it with several layers of Mod Podge.

Here's a little trick I did for the ends of my rope...

When I cut it, it became disheveled so I just taped it very tightly with satin tape and cut off the excess tape!

I've gotta say, I impressed myself with this one guys. Especially since I worked with what I already had.

And look, you can barely tell where the taped off ends are!

Love. Love. Love. Did I mention I LOVE this simple nautical wall art?

Here's the other one I made on the night of the same day when I couldn't fall asleep because I happened to be adventurous and drink a glass of iced coffee (I'm a coffee wuss).

For this one I used fabric instead of craft paper and twine instead of rope. I don't think the fabric is very nautical-ish but the Octopus's definitely make the piece, don't you think?

You can find the printable for this octopus here.

I love when spontaneous creativity happens. The projects birthed from these moments are always my favorites!

So.... are you incorporating nautical decor into your home this Summer?

Thanks for stopping by! Don't forget to follow Restoration Beauty to always be updated on all the fabulous that goes on around here!

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Lisa @ Texas Decor said...

I love it, Selene! Very nautical looking with the anchor and rope. Neat idea to tape off the ends of the rope too. You totally can't tell where the taped off ends are! I'm loving nautical decor more and more. I really should incorporate more of it into my home since I live so close to the beach. :)

Shelli said...

So, I HAD do go out and get everything I needed to do replicate this project. :) 8:30 this evening (Saturday) I went to Tractor Supply for the Nautical Rope ($.89 per foot and I got 3 feet). Michaels for the Shadow Box Frame ($11.99 for a 2 pack). Hobby Lobby for the 12 x 12 Scrapbook Paper ($.30) And I finished it by 10 p.m.!! I did suffer a burned finger from the Hot Glue Gun, but totally my fault for being so antsy about doing this so late in the evening. :P It turned out AMAZING!!

Vel Criste said...

I love the Anchor art so much Selene! That rope details truly completed it! Thanks for sharing!

Selene @ Restoration Beauty said...

Thanks, Lisa! I'm glad you can't tell where the taped off ends are!! That satin tape works magic!

Selene @ Restoration Beauty said...

Hi Shelli!! I am so flattered that you would go out right away and DIY your own nautical art!!! As for the glue burns, you somehow end up getting used to them after you'v been burned hundreds of times ;)

Selene @ Restoration Beauty said...

Thank you Vel!! You're right! The rope really pulled it all together!

Sarah said...

So pretty! I love that anchor, I actually cut it out and used it as a stencil on a chalkboard piece on my mantle!

Selene @ Restoration Beauty said...

Thanks, Sarah!!! I agree- that anchor is simply fabulous!!

Unknown said...

This is such a quick and fun project. I love how you took a simple graphic black-and-white print and jazzed it up with stuff from your craft stash. What else are you planning to do to add to the nautical theme?

Selene @ Restoration Beauty said...

Thanks, Lyndsay! Well, right now I think I'm done adding nautical touches. I have those two nautical wall art pieces and a roped mirror. As much as I love all things nautical I don't want it to SCREAM the theme..lol

Selene @ Restoration Beauty said...

Thanks, Lyndsay! Well, right now I think I'm done adding nautical touches. I have those two nautical wall art pieces and a roped mirror. As much as I love all things nautical I don't want it to SCREAM the theme..lol

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