Jul 3, 2014

DIY Gold-Tiled Mirror {From DIY Mother)


Hey everyone! I’m Olivia from DIY
. I’m super excited that Selene is letting me share one of my
favorite projects to date: a gold-tiled mirror.

A little back story before we get started: I had an old mirror that I
never used because it had some scratches on it when it arrived. I stored
it in the garage because I knew I could probably give it a makeover when I
had more time. Well, last weekend I had an entire day to myself, so I
immersed myself in DIY projects.

When I originally set out to do this project, I wanted to make a mirror
like this
from Z Gallerie. So I picked out these
mirror-like mosaic tile from the hardware store. Well, when I took the
tiles out of the packaging, there were a few scratches. And they weren't
as reflective as I thought they'd be.

So I decided instead of taking them back, I could paint them all gold
because I, like Selene, firmly believe that everything is more glam with
gold! I love the way it turned out; I’m currently in the process of
changing my living room design, so it added a nice touch.

Materials needed:
Tile (or wood cuts, if you want to save money)
All-purpose adhesive
Spray paint

1. Remove the tile from the mesh/fiberglass backing. Use gloves for this,
people! It should be able to just pull off, but if it doesn’t, cut it and
then pull. When you’ve removed all of the tile, set them out as close to
one another as possible and spray paint them.

IMG_1343 (1280x853)

Don’t worry about doing a perfect job, you’re going to re-spray paint
everything when you’re finished.

IMG_1344 (1280x853)

2. When you’re laying out your pattern, make sure that all of the pieces
are staggered, and use different lengths. You don’t want each tile ending
at the same point, if that makes sense.

IMG_1371 (1280x853)

I used an adhesive called Strong Stik; it's a little under $4 a bottle,
and you don't have to use a caulk gun. It's heavy duty, and you can move
the tiles around ofr up to 10 minute after you apply it. Pretty nifty
IMG_1355 (1280x853)

Let the adhesive cure for 24 hours before you move it!

IMG_1356 (1280x853)

4. Cover the mirror part, and re-spray paint in case you missed anything.
I had to re-spray paint because I filled some holes with the putty.

IMG_1390 (1280x832)

IMG_1387 (803x1280)

IMG_1664 (853x1280)

I’m in the process of re-designing my living room from boring, grey, to
more of my natural eclectic style. So, don’t mind the wall swatches. What
do you think? Do you have any memorable DIY decor projects that you're
proud of? I'd love to hear about them!

Find me over at DIY Mother, or Pinterest, or Twitter.

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