Jun 13, 2014

Creating A Bright & Colorful Kitchen {Mostly Through DIY}

Hello there, friends!

I'm so glad you've stopped by for my BRIGHT & COLORFUL KITCHEN TOUR that's been created with mostly DIY projects, big and small!

And instead of doing a normal tour with just pictures and descriptions, I will be listing all the DIY projects that transformed this once drab kitchen to a bright and beautiful one as I show you around the space!

Sound good?

bright colorful diy kitchen

As I mentioned in my Living Room Tour, I started a Home Tour page (Our Home) and I will be gradually including each room in our house for you all to tour! I think Home Tours are great since they allow you to see someone's style...they're just a hoot!

Our kitchen has become one of my favorite rooms of our house! Mainly because it has come such a loooong way! I'm nowhere near being a style expert but I'd like to think of it as having a farmhouse and rustic feel with a few industrial elements. If I'm wrong and you can help me describe the style, please feel free to do so!

Even though there are still a lot of things that need to be done and changed (like the ugly plastic trash can), I didn't want to wait for it to be perfect, because let's face it...it never will be!

I wish I had some good before pictures so you can see the oak cabinets, white vinyl flooring and boring walls for yourself. But these are the only two that will have to suffice:

Here you can see the white walls, old curtains and dark china cabinet. The only cute thing in this picture is my Lily love!

And this used to be what the flooring consisted of...

And now....on to the fun part!!!!

I feel the need to warn you that this post will be overloaded with pictures! I didn't realize I took so many and I didn't want to leave anything out!



This is the view coming in from what's supposed to be the dining room but I use as an Office Space.

The bright yellow-orange wall color (Pyramid Gold by Behr) is the main way this kitchen gets it's dose of color.

We ended up painting over the white walls without using a primer and loved the final color outcome! It's bright, cheery and best of all....NOT BORING! This girl needs a little (and evidently sometimes a lot) of color in her life!

Since there's a big punch of color on the walls and chevron stripes on the china cabinet, white curtains were the way to go. I think colorful or curtains with a pattern would have been too much for me. Yes, even I have limits to fun things.

This DIY Industrial Curtain Rod & Bed Sheet Curtains are one of my favorite elements in this space! And not to mention were only $65 to DIY!!

They create the perfect flow and I just love seeing the breeze blow through the curtains in the morning.

To give the white curtains a little detail, I added this Greek key ribbon to the top of them! Isn't it gorgeous? I find myself wanting to apply that to everything! Self control, Selene, self control.

Here's another angle of the same area:

Having that lovely bay window sure helps bring in the natural light from outside and lends to the bright theme going on.

I keep my kitchen table decor simple (but still pretty) with this Burlap Runner I DIY'd, candlesticks holder and 2 white ceramic birds.

This is constantly changing but this one is just so clean, pretty and simple, I may keep it around for a while.

And welcome to the other side of the kitchen! It's not very big but the cream cabinets and white appliances definitely make it feel a lot bigger and brighter in here!

The pop of color on the walls help this white kitchen stay away from blah and boring. And not to mention, makes me very happy looking at it! Yellow is such a happy color, don't you think?

We painted the cabinets ourselves but it that was way before my blogging days so I don't have a tutorial for that. But this is a great tutorial on how to paint your cabinets by All Things Thrifty.

All I can say is: it's A LOT OF HARD WORK (if you do it right) but it's so WORTH IT! 2 years later they are still chip free so the paint is holding up great!

Our Faux Wood Tile Floors that my handsome hubby so graciously put in himself brought in the perfect touch of rustic! I love to walk (and sometimes dance) on this floor everyday!

We also removed the thin builder grade baseboards and replaced them with thee beefier ones:

The floor goes so well with the cream cabinets and gray counter-tops and it definitely stands out now that it's not white!

I have a humongous space above my kitchen cabinets and to be honest, it still intimidates me!

But for now, this metal ampersand (found at Target), picnic basket, cupcake holder and artwork is doing just fine....or that's what I'm telling myself to avoid facing this challenge.

I'm very proud of this window by the sink, even though the view is just a fence! Not only does it provide awesome natural light but it flaunts my No Sew Roman Shades that I finally crossed off my to-do list. The window was bare for the 5 years we've lived here...poor thing.

Having flowers by the window instantly creates a fresh and bright feel! I used a mason jar and wrapped some twine around the top to add some farmhouse charm.

To the left of my little window I have a couple pieces of art my brother gave us as a wedding gift. Little did I know 10 years ago that they would go perfectly with this kitchen!

What's funner than colorful art with fruit on a rustic shelf?

Below my fun artwork (or my brother's), I have these clear glass canisters from Hobby Lobby filled with goodies. 

Clear canisters provide more of a clean and brighter feel to a kitchen as opposed to decorative ones, in my opinion. 

And again, since this kitchen has a lot of color going on, I wanted to keep this aspect as simple as possible. Mission accomplished!

On to the right side of the sink....

These DIY Mason Jar Soap & Lotion Dispensers sitting on my Target $1 Tray (tweaked a bit with gold sharpie pen- idea from Rain on a Tin Roof) not only add to the farmhouse feel but look so cheery and fun, especially with my turtle ring holder I picked up at Hobby Lobby.

The turtle is the perfect spot to hold rings while washing dishes. And I love that the shell protects them from getting wet.

This one is such a fun and unexpected element: a door know on the side of my cabinet next to the sink! What for? To hang my dish towel on, of course!

I love the brass color and hammered look of this tin can that came in one of those Christmas gift baskets! And even though those ginger snap cookies were devoured in one day, I still keep the can on top of my microwave.

To add a little color to my white stove, I added this mint blue owl spoon holder I got from Home Goods. This is one of my absolute favorite colors!

Next to my stove I keep some colorful (getting tired of that word yet?) cookbooks with my utensils and kosher salt sitting on top of them.

This creates layers and interest as opposed to just sitting the utensil holder and salt jar directly on the counter-top. 

I created my own chalkboard label with spray paint. I'm telling you, there's nothing spray paint can't help spruce up! You can see how that's done here.

On the opposite side of my kitchen sink are these extra cabinets and counter space which really makes my kitchen way more functional!! I love having this extra space! It's where all the appetizers go when I have people over and where we prep most of our meals.

I loathe clutter so I only have two things on this counter space:

1- Another Target $1 tray spray painted white and detailed with blue acrylic paint and a gold sharpie. 

This is the drop zone for keys, receipts, change,etc...

I have an "absolute no unnecessary items on counter, please" policy around here. Just ask my family, they'll tell ya.

2- This gorgeous basket with a chalk label I use to store some of our fruit. I love that it has a label that I can easily change!

And we've made it back to the china cabinet again! We're almost done!

The chalkboard you see on top of the china cabinet used to be an old vanity mirror that I made over. At the time 1-2-3 was all I could come up with and told myself I'd write something more clever (not that 1-2-3 is clever at all!) when I had the time......it's been 2 years people, I don't think you'll find a clever quote on there anytime soon. Just saying.

Painting Chevron Stripes on the china cabinet was one of the very first painting projects I did here on the blog so I'm very proud of them! 

They add so much more interest to the piece, I think.

And inside the china cabinet you will find:

A combination of fun & colorful and neutral trays and bowls...

More of my brother's artwork (this one is a print) with a bright yellow cow I scored from Target some time back.

I love the contrast between the black and yellow and the softness the cream colors surrounding them bring.

This blue and white tea set are my favorite pieces in this china cabinet. Not only were most of these blue and white tea cups and teapots given to me by my Mother, but I admire the way they help break up the modern elements, like the chevron stripes.

Since there's a lot of color and pattern going on, I keep my dishes simple. But I had to add some gold polka dots and dipping effect to these coffee cups!

On the other side of my china cabinet are these two "farmer's market" signs I bought from Walmart way back. 

I think they're so cute!

And one more look at the whole space....

That's it folks! That concludes my BRIGHT & COLORFUL KITCHEN TOUR!

To recap, you can achieve a bright and colorful kitchen by:

1. Choosing a bright wall color as your canvas

2. Painting your cabinets a light color to make room appear brighter and bigger.

3. Incorporate other pops of color throughout your kitchen in forms of trays, cookbooks, dishtowels, spoon rests, etc...

4. Choosing simple lightweight curtains to avoid going overboard. White curtains are just so clean and crisp!

5. Keeping your counter tops mostly clear and opting for clear canisters as opposed to decorative ones- of course this is preference.

6. Having fun with your style! Experiment with textures, colors and patterns and see what makes you feel happy in that space!

If you actually read every sentence and looked at every photo, God bless you...you're a trooper!

I'm so glad you stopped by to tour the place!

Do you enjoy stalking home tours as much as I do?

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Thanks for stopping by! Don't forget to follow Restoration Beauty to always be updated on all the fabulous that goes on around here!

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Vel Criste said...

Love all the details of your pretty little kitchen Selene! Everything is well thought of and the colors are just cheery! The space above the cabinet has always been a dilemma for a lot of bloggers, I would put a series of botanical art or some other kind of art that has the same feel (vintage ads, vintage sign pictures) in the same frame color in a series. But for now I like your small vignette up there too!

Lena said...

Love your kitchen! So bright and happy. Your china cabinet is awesome too. I always wished we had space for one... And that dreadful space over the cabinets... I just wish they would go all the way to the ceiling... But your space looks great!

Lena said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lisa @ Texas Decor said...

I've been waiting for your kitchen tour! Loved it! I think I have that same tray from Target. Mine's still yellow and I need to spray paint it like you did. I know what you mean about the spot above the cabinets. I always struggle with that area. Yours looks wonderful though! I love the ampersand! The color you have on the walls is gorgeous too and your new floors go so well with your pretty counters. You've done a great job decorating it!

Selene @ Restoration Beauty said...

Thanks, Vel!! I'm happy I went with a bright color on the walls...its jus so fun!!

Selene @ Restoration Beauty said...

Thanks, Lena!! The china cabinet was passed down to me from family and it had seen better days! There's nothing a little paint can't spruce up, huh?

Selene @ Restoration Beauty said...

So glad you liked it, Lisa!! Thank you!!

Brandi NestofBliss said...

Such a happy kitchen you have!

Selene @ Restoration Beauty said...

Thanks Brandi!

Tanya Anurag said...

Oh! I would love to have a bright and colorful wall like yours but the rented accommodation does not allow me to do that. Nonetheless, someday!! :D

The work you guys did with the flooring is commendable. Very beautiful kitchen!


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