Apr 4, 2014

4 Spring Cleaning Tips For Healthy Homes

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By Jennifer Riner of Zillow

While warm weather encourages bright and clean spaces, winter weather tends to bring more mess into homes. Multiple blankets and sweaters contest chilly interiors, but also add clutter. Colder climates require more clothing, rendering living spaces the catch all for heavy coats, chunky sweaters and snow boots. Cold temperatures also encourage a hibernation mentality which means less frequent home visitors and less motivation to keep homes tidy. Given these factors, homeowners in cold climates tend to ease up on their cleaning regimens during the winter months.
Since temperatures are rising, it’s time to spruce up interiors and prepare for picnics and parties. Consider these four spring cleaning tips to welcome warmer weather.

Clean Out the Fridge
Keep food organized for sanitary purposes and to create motivation for a healthier lifestyle. With swimsuit season just around the corner, clean eating is more important than ever. Consider designating drawers for specific food groups. Organizing refrigerators by food group allows homeowners to know which areas to frequent and which to avoid when craving healthy afternoon snacks.

Eliminate Unnecessary Items
Everyone has a stack of papers in a drawer somewhere containing important files. Most of these receipts and documents can be scanned and stored online to avoid the cluttered mess of physical stacks of paper. Not ready to transition to electronic filing? Purchase heavy-duty file folders or fire-safe boxes to keep important documents out of the way and protected from potential damages.

Organize the Wardrobe
The human body fluctuates in size throughout the year, especially for growing teenagers. Donate outgrown clothes to those in need rather than letting them take up valuable space. Move seasonal items, such as winter jackets and snow pants, to attics or crawl spaces. Prospective homebuyers are wise to prioritize extra storage space when searching for new homes, especially if they have a lot of outdoor gear to stow away. Homeowners who lack large storage rooms can use space bags to eliminate bulkiness and avoid overcrowding small linen closets.
Getting organized is the easy part; maintaining neat and tidy closets is tricky. To keep up with a revamped closet, place all hangers in the same direction. Once an item is worn, flip the hanger to face the opposite way. After one year, rid closets of any pieces still facing the original direction. If items haven’t been worn over the past four seasons, they probably won’t be in the near future.

Reconfigure Storage
Warm weather brings on an entirely new purpose for garages. Rather than sidewalk salt and snow shovels, homeowners are reaching for their garden tools and bicycles. Rotate accessibility of items depending on the season they are typically used. For the spring, keep rain-resistant apparel, umbrellas, lawn care tools and outdoor entertainment fixtures within arm’s reach. The urge to have a backyard picnic can spontaneously arise once temperatures improve; make sure outdoor accessories are easily accessible to enjoy the unpredictably warm and dry weather.

Clean interiors inspire productivity and overall well-being. Open the windows to let the warm breeze flow through fresh and orderly homes after completing these four spring cleaning steps.


Lisa @ Texas Decor said...

I just cleaned out my fridge this morning after I went grocery shopping. Oh my...I'm not even going to tell you how gross the leftover Chinese food containers were. :) It always feels good to do some Spring cleaning! I wish it were cool enough here to have the windows open, but it's usually just too hot. Enjoy the weekend!

Amy @ Homey Oh My! said...

Cleaning out the fridge... SO not looking forward to that but it needs to be done!!
It's true though. If there's a mess, I feel like a mess, and then I don't feel like doing anything. This post is a much needed kick in the butt for me to start decluttering!

Selene @ Restoration Beauty said...

Hi Lisa!! I feel you!! Cleaned out mine the other day and...well let's just say it wasn't very pretty!

Selene @ Restoration Beauty said...

Hi Amy!! I'm glad you enjoyed Jennifer's article! She brought a lot to my attention too!!

Houlland said...
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Diana said...

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