Feb 28, 2014

Instant Dry-Erase Board

Hello friends!

I totally could have skipped this post since I already blogged about a DIY Magnetic Dry Erase Board, but for the fun of it just humor me, okay?

Beside, this one isn't magnetic so I have to address the difference in technicalities, you know? 

Kidding, kidding.

You may have noticed this mini dry erase board in my Office Space Reveal and when I showed you how easy it was to make those mini magnetic circles out of candle jar lids.

So no, you're not experiencing dejavu. I just won't shut up about this space.

On to humoring Selene....


1. Find a pretty frame.

I already had mine so I just took out the pretty little people that were posing inside of it and spray painted it white. 

Family Faces vs. Dry-Erase Board.....kind of obvious who won.

2. Find some pretty paper (gift wrap, postcards, scrapbook paper, design your own on white paper...endless possibilities).

I used this craft paper I found at Target's One Spot and I'm totally loving the imperfect gold and cream stripes!

3. Cut your paper to fit your frame.

I just used the cardboard piece that came with the frame as a guide.

4. Place the paper inside your frame and you are done, my dears.

Feel free to get yourself some chocolate afterward because that was some serious work!!

Yeah right.

But get your chocolate anyway. You never need a reason for chocolate!

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Feb 26, 2014

Ulta Beauty At Play: Trading Faces

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Trading Faces for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Do I have any ULTA lovers in the house?

Well, you're gonna love this!

Since an Ulta oppened in my nearest city, I've always loved not only the convenience of their store (where else could you find drugstore AND high-end makeup all in one store?), but how they celebrate women.

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking makeup is to mask who one really is and a way to make yourself prettier.

Ulta however, knows that it's a woman's inner beauty that reflects on the outside. They celebrate women who are confident enough to take beauty risks by stepping out of their usual "beauty box".

And I love that.

Because what's makeup if you can't have a little fun?

What's the latest fun on Ulta?

They've just developed an original, unscripted film, Trading Faces.

Trading Faces celebrates the original beauty in every woman by inviting two real women with two completely different beauty styles that reflect two different regions of the U.S to trade beauty styles!

If that doesn't scream fun, I don't know what does!

It's so fun to see these women meet, trade styles and interact with each other!

You can find Trading Faces on  ULTAtradingfaces.com. The website not only includes the fun 4 minute film, but also has before and after beauty looks, beauty tips and tricks from each woman and a peek inside their makeup bags!

See what happens when Trading Faces pairs a Dollywood "Southern Charm" with a Hollywood "LA Glam"!

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Feb 24, 2014

Kmart Share The Word

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kmart Share the Word for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Okay, let's get real.
Money is a huge part of our lives. We need money to pretty much do anything or get anything. But how many times does money take control of our lives instead of the other way around?

Getting a grip on finacnes is something everyone longs for but not everyone does well.
Don't feel bad, it's happened to everyone!

So, in celebration of Black History Month, Kmart has teamed up with Glinda Bridgforth, author of Girl, Get Your Money Straight! to create a family finance e-guide that you can download for absolutely FREE!

Kmart Share the Word photo STWStacked-01_zpsb50e2957.jpg
How cool is that?

I think the Share the Word Financial Empowerment platform is a great and informative tool! It empowers you, your family and friends to gain control over your finances once and for all!

It was created to honor the African-American legacy and provide valuable resources to enhance the lives of Kmart customers.

I think that's pretty cool and thoughtful, don't you?

So, what can you find in this free family finance e-guide?

A lot!

There is a family budgeting spreadsheet you can download for free, some fabulous financial advice, money saving tips, a step by step on getting started and more!

Glinda's financial guide really has so much to offer and then some!

My favorite tool is Glinda's blog, where she goes into detail concerning every step! There's a post about diminishing your debt and one about budgeting basics, each of which are very informative.

And if all this wasn't enough, Glinda even helps you make your money go further with Kmart programs such as Layaway and Shop Your Way Rewards benefits!

So, are you ready to get started?

Go to Share the Word to begin the journey of financial freedom!

And share the love! Let your family and friends know about this useful financial tool!

What are your thoughts on being empowered with financial wisdom?

Do you have any money saving tips?

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Feb 21, 2014

Upcycled Candle Jar Lids {Turned Magnetic Memo Boards}

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Today I'm bringing you another up-cycling project, friends!

Remember when I showed you these babies in my $72 Office Space?

Well  I'm going to show you how I made them!

As you all may know, I always save my candle jars and re-purpose them.

This girl just doesn't throw away good glass, you know.

But I've never thought of doing anything different with the lids...that is until now!

Go ahead, pin away that fantastic pinnable image above!

My creative juices must have been really flowing the night I whipped these babies up!

And it was perfect: I already had some great fabric to clothe them in!

But of course yours can stay in the nude.

Or you can spray paint them...whatever floats your boat.


1. Cut your fabric into a circle that's a little bigger than your candle jar lid.

It doesn't have to be cut perfectly since it's going to be glued to the backside anyway.

2. Start by gluing two opposite sides and repeat on other side.

Then just glue all the in between little pieces.

3. I HIGHLY recommend you use the tip of a pen to press down the fabric into the edges!

If I hadn't had done this, all that HOT glue would have been on my finger!


Been there. Done that. Not fun.

One you finish gluing all your fabric you will have yourself some cute mini magnetic boards!

How cool is that?

Use them to display important memos or something fun!

I have one of my favorite scriptures on one and the Valentine's card my daughter gave me on the other!

Do you have any other uses for candle jar lids?

This girl buys a lot of candles so that means I have a lot of lids!!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Feb 19, 2014

Easy $4 Lampshade Makeover

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I get bored very easily.

With my decor arrangements, at least. 

I'm constantly changing things around the house just to spice things up.

When I first bought this tripod floor lamp at Target, I loved it!

You guys saw it when I revealed my office space and loved it too. By the way, thanks for the compliments, friends!

But then all of a sudden, I looked at it last week and it just wasn't doing it anymore. That loving feeling had been lost.

It HAD to be changed ASAP.

Thank God I came across Jenna's fabulous lampshade makeover she did with electrical tape!

I thought that was such a genius idea to updating a lamp!

I got out hubby's electrical tape (shhh) and discovered I didn't have enough. Sigh.

I live in a teeny tiny town, people. We don't have stores that carry electrical tape. At least not at the ungodly hour I was attempting this project!

So the next time I was in Hobby Lobby, I figured I'd just update my lamp with good ol', not outside the box, not a genius idea, ribbon!

And I loved the end result!

It has personality now!

I can't get enough of the contrast between the two colors!

All I used was ribbon (the blue one isn't pictured here), scissors and a glue gun!

The ribbon was purchased at Hobby Lobby and at 50% off, they ran me only $2 each!

The process is EXTREMELY easy! You just glue your ribbon around your lampshade!

No rocket science required.

Just be cautious not to burn the crap out of your fingers! This has happened to me more times than I'd like to admit.

I was originally going to just glue one strip of black ribbon to the top and bottom but kept going to see where it would take me. I'm adventurous like that.

I even added some pretty Tiffany blue ribbon!

You can see the metamorphosis below:

It didn't take long either. It took me about 45 minutes but that's because I kept getting interrupted by a preschooler. And that's okay, I love being a mommy... and my little preschooler is pretty awesome.

All in all, I'm happy with my "new" lampshade!

So, no need to buy a new lampshade when you're not feeling the old one anymore!

With a little ribbon, glue and a few burns later, you can give that old lampshade a nice makeover!

Feb 17, 2014

More Progress In The Master Bathroom

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I'm on a roll!

I finished my Office Space which only cost me $72, and now here I am revealing more progress in our master bathroom.

Go, Selene!

It was a basic builder grade bathroom but has quickly gotten a pick-me-up!

On to the updates....

I bought two of these hooks from Hobby Lobby so we can hang our hand towels on.

I discovered that I loved the aged look of these more in the store than in my home, so I plan on spray painting them white (just the plaque part). What do you think?

Remember the empty space above the toilet?

It now has shelves!

Woot woot!!!

I also hung some open frames by the shower and I love them!! I especially love the pop of color the red one brings to this room!

And remember the yucky builder grade cabinets....

that got painted white?

They are now the proud owners of this fabulous hardware!

What's left to do?

1. I have a little DIY up my sleeve for the area above our towel hooks:

2. This humongous plain mirror must be framed:

3. And this ugly light fixture (which quite frankly reminds me of a boob hanging from the ceiling) has got to go!

I have another DIY up my sleeve for this one too!

Once this bathroom is all finished up, I will do a cost breakdown like I did for my office space.

You are going to be amazed at how much I DIDN'T spend!

And I think it's safe to call this bathroom a DIY makeover since we're pretty much making everything ourselves, except for the shower curtain.

Once the final reveal is up on the blog, I'll let you all in on everything we DIY'd!

Thanks so much for stopping by!