Jan 31, 2014

January In The Spotlight

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Is the first month of 2014 seriously almost over? I swear I was just wishing you all a happy new year!

In case this month went by as fast for you as it did for me, here's a quick re-cap of all the fun that's been going on around here for January!

This month started with me wishing everyone a happy new year and sharing some of my project goals for the year.

I then put an end to the headband mess that was going on in Lily's room:

Inspiration and motivation was flowing when I put together this blogger must-read of all my favorite blogging improving posts:

January was also a big milestone for my little blog....it turned one!! Wooohooo!

My new office space began to take shape and I shared some inspiration of what direction I want to take!

I made this necklace and bracelet organizer on a whim and loved it so much I just HAD to blog about it!

You all know I am addicted to organizing. And since I am re-doing or master bath, it made sense to share some of my favorite bathroom organization ideas!

Even though we're not all big on Valentine's day around here, I borowed my family's fingers to make this cute Valentine's Day art and keepsake.

Our master bathroom has come a LOOOOONG way!

This one is my favorite because it happened on such a whim and I actually ended up loving it!

I hope you all have had a fabulous January!

What's the one thing you've done (home or anything related) that you've loved?

Thanks for coming along with me on this month! See you in February!

Jan 29, 2014

A Spontaneous Gallery Wall

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Guys. I'm impressed.
I hate to say it because it sounds really vain, but I impressed myself.

You see, I've dreamed of a gallery wall for some time now.

I'd drool over other's perfectly arranged gallery walls quite often and would just hope that maybe one day I'd be brave enough to attempt my own display.

I know, a little over dramatic, but I'm being 100% honest....
Those gallery walls intimidated the crap out of me!

I never understood the concept of strategically displaying different styles and sizes of wall art, that would all together bring such a wow factor to a room.

And all the gallery wall tutorials (you know, the whole out lining each art piece on paper and then taping each piece of paper to the wall) just seemed like a lot of work to me. Maybe I'm a little lazy.

So when this was the result of a spontaneous urge to just "give it a quick try" and I ended up LOVING it, I was over ecstatic!

The part I'm impressed with the most was my lazy "just go with it" method.

I literally grabbed every piece of wall art from our master bedroom (since we're going to be re-doing that space soon), master bath (already under construction), and some that I already had in the living room.

I then laid them on the floor and spent about 20 minutes re-arranging them as I decided on a layout.

I took a picture of the layout, measured my art (that was still laying on the floor) from left piece to right piece, then measured my wall and marked the sections where the first and last piece should go.

Then I just took piece by piece and started hanging them on the wall, hoping that they would come out just like in the picture.

And they did!

The plates were recently added. I found these for 98 cents a pop at Target and they were the last ones left!

As you can see, thanks to high ceilings, there is still plenty of space left to add more pieces. Something I"m very excited about!

And just for kicks, this is what the wall looked like before my spontaneous gallery wall took center stage:

It was rather boring and I can't believe I lived with this blank wall for so long.

You can see how this living room has come along here.

I also plan on updating on more progress in the next couple of months!

How do you feel about gallery walls? Do you have a favorite method to arranging your pieces? If so, please share!

Here are some of my must haves for when hanging wall art (affiliated links):

Jan 27, 2014

Master Bathroom Before & Progress

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I know, I know. I just showed you my office space phase 1, and now here I am showing you "ugly master bathroom" (well, it's not so ugly now..thank God!)

That's just how we roll around here. We go from one space to the other instead of concentrating on one room at a time.

It's just our way of spicing things up.

So please, bear with me.

I mentioned how ugly this bathroom was in my 2014 Project Goals.

I wasn't over exaggerating. And now I can show you.

Well kind of. You see, I didn't take any "before" pictures because I had already done that last year. Problem: I can't find them on my old laptop.

But I did find these I took before we put in our new light fixtures last year:

Stunning, huh?
Builder grade cabinets, builder grade mirror, builder grade light fixture...you get the picture. EVERYTHING builder grade!! Yuck!

The only things upgraded in this photo are the faucets. They used to be, you guessed it, standard builder grade.

In the mirror's reflection you can see the ugly shower curtain I picked up at Walmart over 3 years ago and the double towel bars next to it. Very strange set up for towel bars, if you ask me. I've always hated this feature.

Now, onto the progress! I love me some progress, don't you?!

This is just as I started to paint the walls in Martha Stewart's Nimbus Cloud (Satin) color matched to Behr.

Yes, this is what the beginning of progress always looks like...a mess!

In this picture the walls are all painted and you can even get a glimpse of what I've done with the shower curtains and towel bar situation! 

Why am I showing you this random wall? Because it use to house a random towel bar.
Seriously? A towel bar by the toilet?

I was one happy girl tearing that thing apart from my wall!

And these are the pretty light fixtures we put in last year (and by we I mean the wonderful hubby-this girl is going nowhere near wires!)

You can get a better look at the paint in this picture. It's the perfect light gray!
The perfect neutral for a bathroom, I think.

I also plan on putting up some shelves above the toilet very soon!!
Storage that doesn't take up any floor space is always a HUGE plus!

Ahhh...at last, my favorite parts thus far!

I picked up this lovely shower curtain at Target. It's white and has a blue, green and gray floral print.

I also spray painted my basic white shower curtain rod a metallic silver!
That's what happens when you don't have time to run to the store and love spray paint!

I also made this rustic towel holder (similar to this one) with some scrap wood and hooks from Hobby Lobby.

Way better than the double towel bars!!

And if I don't have to fold towels I do a happy dance.

The most recent change has been painting the cabinets white. 

I love white cabinets! I painted our guest bathroom cabinet's white, too! They're just so clean and fresh looking. Like a breath of fresh air.

Now I can enter my bathroom without cringing!

So what's next for this master bathroom?

Here's a list of what's left to do:

1. Add some fabulous hardware to those newly painted cabinets.

2. New light fixture (maybe a chandelier?) above the shower (it's a basic round one right now).

3. Add some plaques with hooks next to each side of the vanity so we can hang our hand towels instead of placing them on the counter.

4. Add shelves above toilet.

5. Wall art!

6. Frame the mirror.

I'm excited to see how this bathroom looks in the end! I think it looks fab so far!

What's your favorite update to give a bathroom a fresh look?

Jan 24, 2014

Smile Brilliant Review + Giveaway!!!

The products for this review and giveaway are provided by Smile Brilliant. But as always, all thoughts are 100% my own.

When the wonderful people over at Smile Brilliant contacted me about trying out their LED Teeth Whitening system and offering one for a giveaway I didn't hesitate to say yes! 

As you all know, I'm also into all things beauty and a white smile is definitely beautiful in my book!

And I knew one of you guys would love a whiter smile!

Smile Brilliant offers more than one teeth whitening product, the one being reviewed today and offered for a giveaway is the LED Teeth Whitening.

This is the package I received in the mail:

I was pleasantly surprised by the sleek and stylish packaging. I'm a sucker for nice packaging! I feel that if a company takes pride in their product then they will take the time and effort to send out that product in nice packaging.

These are the contents inside the package:

This Led Teeth Whitening system comes with an instructional pamphlet, teeth tray, whitening gel pen, and the LED light, which accelerates the teeth whitening process (and made me feel all high-tech while using).

The process is pretty simple: after you remove a plastic insert from the LED light battery, you simply brush on the gel to the front facing top and bottom teeth, put on your teeth tray, turn on your light and place the light over the teeth. You don't have to hold the light there the whole time with your hands. Your lips hold it in place quite comfortably.

How long and how often?

Smile Brilliant recommends you leave on the trays for 20-120 minutes with the LED light on for the first 20 minutes of each session. After 7-14 days your teeth should be stain free!

What can you expect?

According to their website and instructions, your dentin already has a set color, some people's natural color is whiter than other's. This product only removes stains from the enamel, revealing your natural dentin color.

I've done the basic teeth whiteners before so I knew that my teeth have the potential of getting pretty white.

And lt me tell you, I was not disappointed with this product! After only 7 uses (and not always in a row) I was able to achieve my true dentin color!

Because the saliva collects in your mouth when you have the teeth trays on and I have a sensitive gag reflex, I was only able to keep them on for 20 minutes per session (with the LED light on the whole time).

But even in this short time frame I was very impressed with the results!

Here are the before and after photos:

Impressive, huh?

And now it's your turn to reveal a brighter smile!

Enter in the rafflecopter below for your chance to win the Smile Brilliant LED Teeth Whitening system!

The giveaway will go on from January 24th 12 a.m. to February 7th 12 a.m.

Once the giveaway is over and a winner is chosen, I will email the winner immediately. If I do not get a response within 48 hours of contact another winner will be chosen.

Giveaway valid for the US, UK and Canada.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Jan 23, 2014

Fingerprint Hearts Valentine's Day Art

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I knew I HAD to do this the minute I found it on Pinterest!

I was in search of some cute and quick Valentine's Day art and this was PERFECT!

Not only is it cute, but it's also a keepsake!! 

I read the tutorial and discovered it checked off the musts off my list: easy, quick and cute!

What You Need:

- Card stock
- Paint of your choice and color (I used acrylic)
- Frame to display your pretty little art
- And of course the fingers of those you love

Mine only cost me under $2!!
$1 for a frame at the dollar store that I spray painted black and 60 cents for the card stock at hobby lobby!

Yes, I was one happy girl.


1. Take the finger you are using (I used everyone's index) and apply some paint to the bottom of it. Use as much paint as you want. You can use less for a more faded look. As you can see, I was very liberal with the paint and went for a saturated look instead.

2. Place the finger on top of your card stock like so....

Yes, I took these pictures AFTER my art was displayed but you still get the picture.

3. And then like so...

4. Go down all fingerprints of your family members and allow to dry!

5. Write down all their names next to their fingerprint heart. I also wrote down the year on the side of the card stock.

Put in a frame and enjoy!

Fun, right?

This is my favorite heart...

I wish I could just put my little cutie in a time capsule and keep her this little forever (creepy?) but since I can't this keepsake will do for now..

Speaking of Valentine's Day, how does your family celebrate?

I've never been really big on this day, not because I've had a traumatic experience or anything, it's just not a big deal to me. Never has.

We usually go out to eat as a family just like we do any other family date night.

I'd rather my hubby take me to Hobby Lobby with a loaded gift card in hand than buy me chocolates or roses. That's just me.

Anyone else with me?