Dec 30, 2013

Most Popular Posts of 2013

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What a fabulous year this has been!

With my one year blogging anniversary just right around the corner and 2013 just about over I thought it would be fun to show you my most popular posts of the year!

I also want to say THANK YOU! After all, you're the ones that made these the top 10!
Thanks for reading, commenting, sharing, and showing my blog some love!
You're all AWESOME!

Moving right along now...

This first one made it all the way to! (You can check it out here.)

Holy. Moly.

I thought it was a nice combination of beauty, DIY and organization!

Did this year go by fast for you too? What was your favorite moment or post (if you have a blog)?

Dec 27, 2013

Using Wrapping Paper To Line Shelves

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Hello there!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

I sure did! Anytime I'm with my family, I am one happy girl!

Another Pinterest friendly picture!

Today I want to share with you this quick and easy solution I did several weeks back.

I got tired of opening the bottom of my china cabinet and seeing nothing fun.

So, being the "I need to do something about this NOW" girl that I am, I used whatever I had on hand at the time to find a quick solution. No time to run to the store when this sudden need to change something happens!

What did I have on hand? 
Gift wrapping paper and double sided tape!


- CLEAN YOUR SHELVES FIRST! Any dust will make it hard for the double sided tape to stick to.
You can clean your shelves by using a damp cloth to wipe it down and then just let it air dry (or bust out your blow-dryer if you impatient)

- Get your wrapping paper, scissors and double sided tape out

- Measure your shelves

- Cut your wrapping paper according to your measurements. Add a few more inches to the width if you are planning on folding it over the edge of your shelf like I did.

- Add double sided tape to the back of your wrapping paper

- Gently lay your wrapping paper onto your shelf and smooth it over with your hands

- If you get any small bubbles just use a pin to poke a hole and release the air in it so it lays flat

Pretty fun, huh?

And in case you're wondering, I purchased my fun print wrapping paper at good ol' Target! Love that place!

Now you don't have to wait to find the perfect shelf liner pattern! Your possibilities just expanded to the gift wrapping isle!

What else do you use wrapping paper for?

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More fun wrapping paper options for your shelves (affiliated links):

Dec 23, 2013

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

What an amazing year this has been! God has truly blessed my family and me in tremendous ways. And for that I am so thankful!

We were also able to be a greater blessing to others and that's even better!

I hope you all have a blessed Christmas surrounded by the people you love!

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You can check that out here.

Enjoy your families! I know I will! See you all soon!

Dec 21, 2013

Your Choice New Suave Professionals Natural Infusion Range Collection {NOT YET IN STORES!} Giveaway!!

You all know I love Suave Professionals hair care products, right?

If you don't, just read my Suave Moroccan Infusion Styling Oil review and you will know how much I (and my hair) adore that product!

After that review, I was contacted by the Suave team thanking me for the positive review. 

To say I was ecstatic is to say the least!

Little did I know that they would contact me again to inform me of their brand new Natural Infusion Range Collections that will hit stores in January 2014!

The New Suave Professionals Natural Infusion Range offers 3 hair care collections:

  1. Anti-Breakage & Strengthening products with Awapuhi Ginger &  Honeysuckle
2. Moisturizing products with Macadamia Oil & White Orchid
3. All Day Body products with Seaweed & Lotus Blossom

All of which contain no parabens or dyes!

As if knowing this fabulous information wasn't enough, they asked me to choose 2 of the 3 collections for myself and 1 for a friend!

Well, I did!

And I did one more thing.

I asked if they would offer one more collection to giveaway on Restoration Beauty.

And they said YES!

And this is where you and your fabulous hair come into the picture!


Enter below in the Rafflecopter for your chance to win 1 New Suave Professionals Natural Infusion Collection of YOUR CHOICE!

This Giveaway will end on December 31, 2013 12:00 a.m (Pacific Time)

The winner will win all the items within that collection! How cool is that?

Remember, the more entries, the more of a chance you have to win!

I will contact the winner via email and ask for choice of collection and mailing address. I will then give your mailing address to the Suave Team and they will be more than happy to send you your awesome (not yet in store) products!

The winner has 48 hours to respond. If I don't receive a response within that time frame I will choose another winner.

Visit for more information on these new products and for hair care tips!

Thank you Suave for providing the products for this giveaway!

Happy hair everyone!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Dec 17, 2013

Tissue Box & Washi Tape Bookmarks (Guest Post From Madalyn @ Home Hearted)

Hello! My name is Madalyn and I nest over at Home Hearted where I blog about all things crafty and homey. I am so thrilled to be here on Restoration Beauty today! I have been following Selene for quite sometime and we are just now starting to really get to know one another and create one of those unique blogging friendships! If you are someone who wants to start a blog, but a little nervous to do so, I encourage you to just do it, because I was there and I'm so glad I finally made that choice! More bloggers are always welcome and its such a fun learning experience, don't miss out! I know that was slightly off topic, but just had to share it : ) Now here is my guest post on how to make your own lovely recycled tissue box and washi tape bookmarks!

This is my last simple gift idea from my series before Christmas and I think its my favorite because I came up with it all on my own, well, basically.

My inspiration came from this sweet little bookmark: 

I picked it up at my local library. One of the librarians had cut up a bunch of Christmas cards into bookmarks and they had them by the circulation desk for patrons to take. I thought it was such a beautiful gesture and creative idea. I kept thinking about how could I do something similar, but take it to another level. I had these tissue boxes with really pretty designs and thought those would be a good starting point and would also make a sturdy bookmark. Then I've been wanting to use washi tape for a long time and thought this would be a perfect opportunity!

Supplies needed:

Discarded tissue boxes (or decorative cardstock or old greeting cards)
Washi tape
Paper cutter
Hole puncher


Cut your paper or cardboard into desired lengths and widths. Decorate with washi tape and stickers. Punch a hole at the top and pull some ribbon through and secure.

I didn't end up spending much on these between the stickers and washi tape I probably spent $5 because I had coupons. Also you probably won't use all of the washi tape and stickers. So, over all I think this is a truly frugal Christmas gift, but also a thoughtful and pretty one! You can also try making all Christmas one's using your old Christmas cards and making some that are more appealing for men.

I hope you've enjoyed this simple gift idea post and visit Home Hearted on Saturday for a recap of all five simple gift ideas!

Thank you so much Selene for this wonderful opportunity to share with your followers!

Dec 13, 2013

DIY Snow Globe {For Under $3!}

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Hello friends!

I'm so excited for today's post because it has been my favorite Christmas DIY project thus far!

The minute I saw these cute DIY snow globes on Learning, Creating, Living, I jut knew I HAD to give them a try...

and I did!

And I didn't jack em' up!

I know...I'm giving myself way too much credit here. 
These are pretty hard to jack up...unless you drop one and it breaks.

As always, here are the items I used to create my cute little snow globes:

The $3 spent were on the set of miniature trees I purchased for $1 guessed it, the Dollar Tree! And the only other item purchased was the Kosher salt ($1.62). But you can use whatever salt you have on hand, really...white is white.

I put together an easy step by step in photos for ya (man, I spoil you!) which happens to be very Pinterest friendly, so pin away!!

Easy peasy, right?

Please don't skip the thoroughly washing your jar before turning it into a snow globe, unless you're going for a moldy look.

Katelyn from Learning, Creating, Living has a great post on how to easily remove the labels! You can check it out here.

I also painted the lids gold:

Aren't they precious?

Lily just loves them, too! She'll just sit and stare at them! God bless her, she won't touch them because they're glass and doesn't want to break them (like she's already broken a glass ornament). Little does she know these are cheap and of no real monetary value. But that's okay, I don't want to clean up the mess anyway!

Do you like snow globes? 

What is the one Christmas decor item that just screams CHRISTMAS to you? 

Please, do spill.

Similar products I used (affiliated links):

Dec 10, 2013

Fun & Personalized Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

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What's better than DIY Christmas Decor?

Some DIY gift wrapping ideas, that's what!

But first I have to admit something...
 Gift wrapping was NEVER my favorite part of Christmas...EVER!

Not only do I really suck at it, but I got really tired of slapping the same wrapping paper and generic bow on every single gift. Over and over again.

That is until this year when I decided to put more effort and let my creativity run wild with gift wrapping. 

Thus this post was born. And a new excitement in me when it comes to gift wrapping!

There's so many awesome ideas running wild in blog land right now, and I may do a round up post of my faves, but today I just want to show you how I'm rolling with my gift wrapping this year.

Before we get started, here's a list of my gift wrapping essentials for this year:

- brown craft wrapping paper (where were you all my life?)
- 2 different styles Christmas wrapping paper
- Jute Twine
-Bakers Twine from $1 spot at Target
- Ribbons
-Metallic Sharpie Pens
-Regular Black Sharpie Pen
-Labels from $1 spot at Target
- And the obvious, like tape and scissors.

DIY Personalized Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

1. Use brown craft paper and metallic Sharpie pen's to make your own designs:

Personalize your gifts by drawing a fun design to coordinate with the recipient's likes!

This one is my honey's. He loves all things hunting. Now the antler's make sense, right?
And please, no pointing and laughing at my drawings. I did this free hand and was never the one who excelled in art class...end of story.

This one is from Lily to her Papa (who she just adores). I drew some arrows, because like my husband, he's quite amused with hunting, too. Lily got in on the fun and let her skills out for this one.

More arrows...I LOVE arrows!
I tied all these with the same jute twine I used for my DIY Christmas Ornament Garland.

2. Incorporate regular gift wrapping paper to your brown wrapping for some added pizzazz!

This one is easy. Wrap your gift in brown craft paper and then just add a strip (or strips) of wrapping paper!

I cut a curvy strip for this one and jazzed up the brown paper, too.

Polka dots will never go out of style, ever!
At least not in my world.

I tied some bakers twine around this one. Such an easy way for a gift to be unique!

This one got adorned with a cute little bow made out of ribbon, which could later be turned into a hair-bow!

3. Use regular Christmas wrapping paper to wrap gift and incorporate brown craft paper:

This is the reverse of the previous idea. You wrap your gift with regular wrapping paper and use the brown craft paper to embellish.

4. Make a fun design using ribbon!

This one is perfect for the little girls in your life because they can keep the ribbon to tie around their hair!

I've had so much fun with gift wrapping so far and I'm not done yet! 

How are you gift wrapping this year? I'd love to hear about it!

Similar products to what I used (affiliated links):

Dec 7, 2013

Review: Suave Moroccan Argan Styling Oil {My Secret to Smooth & Shiny Hair}

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Let's pretend we're BFF's for a moment. And if you follow and read my posts, I already consider you one anyway!

As my BFF I find it my responsibility to inform you of all things I ADORE!

Remember when I gabbed about my DIY Lip ScrubHomemade Eye Makeup Remover and Oatmeal Face Wash?

You know, the things I try that actually work and make me sing (okay, so I don't actually sing but you get the picture).

This Suave Moroccan Argan Styling Oil is one of them:

Not a sponsored post, by the way.

I found this little gem at Target for under $6, and since I already loved the Suave Professional line, I decided to give this oil a try.

First, let me give you the description you will find on the product's bottle:

Moroccan argan oil is a lightweight miracle oil that absorbs instantly and is known to give brilliant shine and long lasting conditioning benefits.

This lightweight styling oil, infused with authentic Moroccan argan oil, is specially designed to dramatically revive hair.

the ultra-light formula instantly conditions without weighing hair down, smoothing the cuticle for long lasting silky shine.

Take note that this isn't 100% pure argan oil but is only infused with it.

With that being said, does it deliver?


Look for yourselves:

To go from frizzy & unruly to sleek and shiny:

I simply dispense 2 pumps into my hands and work it into my hair before using my hair straightener.

I use no other products, except a little hairspray on the very top of my head for those little pesky hairs that want to stick straight up.

I even use it when I curl my hair!
After I'm finished curling my hair, I run this through my hair and it never weighs down my curls! Just makes them shine all the more!

I must add though, that my hair isn't on the danger zone for frizz and is in no way curly. 

I consider myself to have straight hair. HOWEVER it has become somewhat unruly and mildly wavy in the last couple of years.

This is where this oil has tremendously helped my styling process!

But I do think it would also benefit curly and extremely unruly hair, too!

Why I love the Suave Moroccan Infusion Styling Oil:

1. Smooths out any frizz.

2. Adds a significant amount of luster and shine.

3. Isn't super oily. I even smooth out the residue on my hands and it absorbs very nicely without feeling oily.

4. Smells divine!

5. Results last a very long time. If I decide not to wash my hair the next morning, I don't have to re-style or add any more oil (whether straight or curly), I just run my fingers through my hair and I'm good to go.

5. Has improved the condition of my hair: it's softer and more manageable (for reference, I use the Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Shampoo & Conditioner)

As my BFF, I have to tell you to buy it! Give it a try, it may just become your secret to smooth and shiny hair, too!!

Do you have a miracle hair product you swear by? I would love to hear about it, BFF!!

An affiliate link: