Nov 26, 2013

Farm Table Makeover {Guest post from Lindsay @ My Creative Days}

Hi Everyone! Today I'd like to introduce you to Lindsay from My Creative Days. I came across her creative blog a few months back when I clicked on this post about her awesome DIY Storage Ottomans.

And today she is guest posting here!

Isn't she a doll for doing so?

I think so!

Take it away Lindsay!

Hello! My name is Lindsay. I am mom to Landen and Gabrielle, wife to Matt and blogger at I love to be creative in my day, my home and with my kids. I am obsessed with old wood, rusty treasures and everything in between. Finding frugal and creative ways to decorate our home, create a fabulous craft or do an activity with the kids is a passion of mine. I am new to the blogging world and I am having a lot of fun sharing my projects and ideas. It makes me happy to read comments from readers who have found inspiration from visiting my site. Come by and check out what I am creating today!

While walking through a vacant house, I spotted an old farm table in the basement. The owner said he did not want the table and was just going to leave it with the house. I asked him if he would like to get rid of it and the story ends happily with the table in my garage. :-)

farm table makeover

It was missing the drawer so I thought we could just make it an open shelf. Hubby said he was up to the challenge and wanted to try to make a drawer. YAY!

To make it, he used some left over wood and a white shelf we had in the garage. He measured, cut the three sides, the base and the drawer front and nailed the pieces together. After it was all done, he said the drawer was fairly easy to make. The best part..... it works! It opens and closes with ease! Imagine all the projects he we can tackle now with "drawer-making" skills under his our belt. ;-)

farm table

I needed to repaint the table but I wanted to try something different on the front of the drawer. I found some "stone" wrapping paper at TJ Maxx (the colors and patters were so great) that I thought would be just what the drawer needed.

farm table makeover

I cut the paper to fit and Modge Podged it on.

farm table makeover

I added a drawer handle that I spray painted yellow and viola ~ .this farm table is complete.

farm table makeover

This table has come a long way from the basement of a vacant house. It is going to give me lots of room to spread out and work on. Let the creating begin.

*I am in the midst of making our guest room double as a creative space so please excuse the "incompleteness" in this picture (it is not coming together as quickly as I had planned).

Nov 21, 2013

All Natural 2 Ingredient Lip Scrub For Softer Lips {Quick Fix For Dry Lips}

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Are you ready to kiss dry lips goodbye? I sure am!

Every Fall/Winter, I deal with the same dilemma....dry, chapped, not so pretty lips!

Witness these cracked lips for yourself:

This gal  loves her lipsticks...but what's the point of wearing those vampy dark shades over wrinkly dry lips?

The results are never pretty...they're quite hideous, actually.

But I know that every Fall/Winter I can turn to my favorite DIY lipb scrub!

It's so easy to make!

And best of all you probably already have the only 2 ingredients needed for softer, smoother lips in your kitchen! 

Are you ready?

Here we go...

The 2 ingredients needed for this DIY lip scrub are:
1. Olive Oil
2. Brown Sugar

That's. It.

Pour your ingredients in a small dish like so.

I always eyeball it but it's around 1/8 teaspoon of each.

Mix together with your finger.

Look at the yummy-ness!!!

And scrub, scrub, scrub!

Use circular and straight motions. You want to get in all the crevices.

And don't forget the corners of your mouth!

After your rinse and pat dry your pucker, you will notice and feel the joke!

Your lips will be pinker, the cracked lines will be diminished and they will feel and look so much softer and supple. And may I dare say....fuller? 

Check out my after:

And we can't leave out the side by side comparison, can we?

Best of all, you don't need to apply any lip balm because the olive oil lingers just enough to make them feel moisturized!

But if you're like me and like something on your lips, go for it!

I used my C.O. Bigelow Mentha Supreme Lip Shine from Bath & Body Works to add a little shine.

{Affiliated Link}

Say hello to super soft, supple, moisturized, crack-free lips!!

Winter...bring it on!

And this is how Miss. Lily kept herself occupied while Mommy was taking pictures:

Playing with water solves almost anything in a child's life.

Thank you H2O!

What are your tips on keeping your kisser soft throughout the Fall/Winter months?

Nov 14, 2013

Basket Painting: A Quick & Easy Basket Makeover

Have you guys seen the basket painting that's been going around?

Well, I apologize for you having to see it one more time but I just couldn't resist!

You all know I'm all for quick and easy...and if it just happens to be free (like this little update happened to be) then I'll not allow the "this has been done before" attitude get in the way. 

This little project also happens to be easier than my DIY Hook Towels you saw on my last post!

Moving right along...

If you have a basket laying around, it may find itself getting a little makeover after you read this post. That's how easy painting a basket is!

As for my victim, here it is...or was: 

Cute basket, right? One of the secretaries from my husband's work gave it to him to give to me. She must of heard of his wife collecting things no one else wants. No judging.

 I just thought it looked a little sad without any color.

Not to worry...

Craft paint to the rescue!

I used White, Gray and Patina FolkArt Acrylic Paint and a foam brush and smaller brush for the circles.
I totally forgot to include my white craft paint in this 20 second photo session! Oops.


I thought that painting the strips going horizontally that hold the basket together would add just the perfect amount of pizzazz without going overboard.

And it was...perfect.

 I used the Patina paint (blue with a hint of green) on the top and bottom strip with my foam brush. 

I also wasn't careful to completely cover all the material. 

I wanted it to have a faded- worn out effect.

And the white paint was used along the middle strip. I then painted gray dots (not very well, as you can see) on top of the staples.

 And now this little basket happily sits beside my daughter's bed holding all her sleeping buddies (she gets to pick one to sleep with every night before she goes to bed).

Not bad for a 20 minute painting job!

What do you think? Do you like to see a little color on baskets or prefer them al' naturale?

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Nov 11, 2013

Easy To Make Towel Hooks

After a two month blogging break I am so excited to finally be back!!!!

Although I must admit, I feel like a newbie all over again! You should have seen me trying to edit my photos on PicMonkey. You'd think I'd remember the flow of things...but nope.

I also want to let you guys know that I will only be posting once (maybe twice) a week until I get a new laptop. Mine is incredibly slow and I'm sure it takes me twice as long to blog than it should.

With that said....let's roll.

During the summer I saw this amazingly easy project over at Landee See Landee Do, and so it happened that Selene saw and Selene did.

How could I pass this fabulous alternative to the plain ol' towel bar???

Well, I didn't.

I love how these towel hooks look with my DIY'd Floor to Ceiling Shower Curtain too!

These DIY towel hooks are so easy and fun to make!

I purchased a couple wooden plaques from Hobby Lobby, painted them white and added gray stripes with a sample of Martha Stewart's Nimbus Cloud.

Then I drilled these fabulous black hooks (also found in Hobby Lobby), added four Command strips to the backside, pressed them to the wall and threw the towels on!

I didn't think the Command strips would hold up the weight of the towels (especially when wet) but so far so good! It's been a few months and I haven't had any issues.

I even made a smaller version and hung it by the sink:

You can check out the tutorial here, if you'd like!

My favorite part is that I don't have to fold the towels and make sure they're even anymore. 

Now I just throw the towel back on the hook and forget it!


Maybe a little.

As always, question and comments are appreciated :)

Here are some project material recommendations (all affiliate links):

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