Aug 19, 2013

Quick Fix: Pretty-Up An Ugly Container

Wow! This is my 100th post!

Who knew I had so much to say? I guess my hubby would know. I'm always babbling away my ideas to him!

I sure appreciate everyone who takes the time to read about my projects and ideas! Thank you all so much!

Before I start sounding like someone who just won an Oscar, I'd like to show you how this ugly glass container (with no lid) got saved from the trash in an instant! Literally.

I was just about to throw this glass container away, whose lid I'd broken some time back, when I happened to have a light-bulb moment!

Cover the poor thing up with good ol' drop-cloth (you all know how much I love this stuff) and call it a day!

Here are the super easy steps that took this container from eh to ahhhh:

1. Lay your container on a piece of drop cloth (or any fabric) enough to cover it.
2. Wrap your container by lifting the drop cloth upward.
3. Tie a piece of twine (rope or ribbon would also be cute) around it.
4. Glue your loose ends inside of the container!

Easy and fast enough, huh?

I actually went a step further and added a pretty label to it!

You can check out how I made this label here.

Isn't it the cutest little thing you've seen? It sure is the cutest little thing in my laundry room, which I will show you all very soon!

Here are some products similar to the ones I used for this project (Affiliated Links):

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