Aug 3, 2013

Guest Posting At Rain On A Tin Roof {Favorite Thrifty Projects & Makeovers}

Hi guys! Just wanted to let you all know that I'm guest posting at Rain On A Tin Roof today!

It's a round up of my favorite thrifty projects and makeovers so feel free to head on over. You never know, you may find some posts you've never seen!

And check out Jenna's awesome projects, too...they rock!

Click here to check it all out!

Have a fabulous weekend!


Karly Colin said...

I need roof restoration for guest posting u have this related bogs....

Unknown said...

It seems that winter always wreaks havoc on my shingles. Am I applying them wrong? In my mind, no one should have shingle problems every April and May. This has begun to cost a fortune.

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