Jul 18, 2013

$10 Tiered Jewelry Trays {Using mostly Supplies From Dollar Tree!}

Man, have I been checking off some small projects from my Pinterest to-do list lately! And let me tell ya... it feels good!

Check out my latest feel-good project:

This particular project felt good to make because 1.) It was EASY and 2.) It was CHEAP! Like dirt cheap! It only cost me around $5 because I already had some of the materials.

But even if you were to go out and buy everything you need, you would only be leaving the store with $10 less in your pocket (that's if you're nothing like me and actually only buy what you went in the store to buy!)

*Price doesn't reflect Primer since it's optional
*If you opted out of paint all together, your cost would only be around $6!

DIY Tiered Jewelry Tray

What you need to create this little beauty:
- 3 trays from Dollar Tree (2 round and 1 rectangular)
- 2 glass candle holders from Dollar Tree
- Superglue (got mine at...you guessed it, Dollar Tree)
- Primer (optional)
- Spray paint in the color you fancy

*You can customize the material list to create your very own one of a kind piece. Use 2 trays instead of 3 or ditch the metal trays and use pretty plates (maybe a small bowl on top for rings?) You can really get creative with this one!

I forgot to include my rectangular tray in the photo-shoot! And in case you're wondering, I used the color Aqua for my trays! It's a lovely light blue and one of my favorite colors- it just makes me happy!

How to make it:

The first thing you want to do is prime and spray paint your trays (and candle holders, if you choose. I left mine alone)

After the spray paint has dried (wait at least 24 hours) begin by finding the center of your bottom tray and glue your candle holder to it. I glued my first candle holder right side up. Let that dry (I waited 1 hour).

Next, glue your second tray to the candle holder, making sure it's centered. Let that dry (I waited another hour).

Now, glue your second candle holder to the center of your middle tray. I decided to glue this candle holder up side down. Wait another hour for that to dry (Do I sound like a broken record yet?)


Finally, glue your last tray to the top of your candle holder and you are done! After it dries, of course!
Organize your jewelry in each tray and watch it come to life!

Isn't it pretty? I think so!

Do you have any other ideas on jewelry organization? I'm brainstorming on how to organize my stud earrings and would love to hear your ideas!

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The Grass Skirt Blog said...

Wow! What a great idea. The tray looks so pretty.
The Grass Skirt

Lisa @ Texas Decor said...

Wow! You did it again, Selene! This is a great project! And you know how much I love a dollar tree project. :) Every time I come to your blog, my dollar tree list gets longer! LOL! Thanks so much for sharing, and by the way, you have some very pretty jewelry!

Mindi@MyLove2Create said...

So so so pretty Selene! Awesome job, I should follow your great example and make one!

zolzetka said...

I am so making those trays ! I need them :) you did so great !

Melissa Whitcher said...

Great idea Selene! Such a great way to have a place for everything without taking up much space. Thanks for sharing! I'd love to have you link this up at our Simply Create Link Party: http://www.redflycreations.com/2013/07/simply-create-link-party-20-and-features.html


Amber Koogler said...

I need to make this...or maybe several of these! Great idea and I LOVE how you used a rectangular tray at the bottom!
Thank you for sharing at Give Me The Goods!

Amber@ Dimples & Pig Tales

Life With The Crust Cut Off said...

This looks awesome!!! We would love it if you would link up at our linky party:
Live every Wednesday to Sunday.
Hosted by:
http://www.lifewiththecrustcutoff.com/ Parrish @ Life with the Crust Cut Off
http://thissillygirlslife.com/ Dana @ This Silly Girl’s Life
We hope to see you there!

Melissa Sean said...

WOW! Stunning piece of jewelry organizer! So neat and creative! thanks for sharing your idea!


Selene @ Restoration Beauty said...

Thanks Melissa! And thanks for stopping by!

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