Jun 3, 2013

Review: Wet n' Wild Coverall Cream Foundation

I have been obsessed with foundations lately! I get into these obsessions ever so often and have to research and try products like a makeup mad woman!

I had heard and read many great things about the new (well kind of new, I think it came out last year) Wet n' Wild Coverall Cream Foundation, so I naturally had to try it to see for myself what all the rave was about. And since it was only $4 it wouldn't have been such a terrible thing if it didn't work out...but it did!

My shade is 819 Medium

This foundation comes in a plastic squeeze out bottle and you get 1 oz of product which is pretty standard.

These are the claims found on the back of the bottle along with my opinion after testing the foundation out:

- All day wear: No, not without at least one touch-up (But what makeup is?). It looked flawless for about 6 hours and then my oils started to seep through. But after 9 hours of wear and finally touching up it looked good as new.
- Medium-to-full coverage: YES! I absolutely love the coverage this foundation provides! It's very buildable even though it dries pretty quickly on your skin.
- Lightweight, satin-matte finish: Not too lightweight, I definitely could feel I had foundation on but it does have a very nice satin-matte finish on it's own (before setting it with powder)
- VisiBright complex reduces the appearance of wrinkles and rejuvenates skin: I don't have any wrinkles so I can't say anything about that. It does however seem to bring a subtle natural glow to the complexion.

Now you get to see how I put this foundation to the test! My skin type, by the way, is combination/oily.

This is what the foundation looks like. It really is a cream foundation since it's not at all runny. It also blends in like a dream! I don't find myself having to buff it too much into my skin.

 I totally forgot to take a before picture but here is the difference of just the foundation on my skin and how it looks topped off with a little setting powder (I used Maybelline Dream Matte). As you can see the foundation does have a semi-matte (satiny) finish. If I had normal to dry skin I wouldn't even set it with powder. I do love the natural subtle glow it lends without the powder which I'm sure is the VisiBright complex working it's magic.

Okay, so makeup is all done and it's 8:30 a.m..this is what it looks like freshly applied. 

Fast forward 3 hours, all in which I went for an hour morning walk (this particular day it hit 98 degrees, so it was a hot one!), and did some cleaning up around the house, and this is what it looked like then:

Another 3 hours went by (I did some spray painting outside and was in direct sunlight for around 30 minutes) and this is where I would say my oils started to show through the foundation. But I don't think that's too bad considering it had been a good 6 hours since application and a very hot day.

 And at 5:30 (9 hours from application) my face was obviously in need of some touching up but I still didn't think it was too bad at all!

This foundation also touches up very nicely! Here's a before and after touching up (removing excess oil with oil blotting sheet and lightly applying my setting powder):

Good as new!

-Squeeze out tube is sanitary
- Awesome coverage!
- Blends in nicely
- Buildable
- Gives a subtle glow
- Doesn't have an offensive scent
-Doesn't oxidize 
- Doesn't break me out
- Lasts a decent amount of time without having to touch it up

- Only comes in 7 shades
- The foundation sometimes comes right out as soon as you unscrew the cap off so you have to be careful
- My oils seem to show through this foundation faster than with any of my other foundations
- Dries very fast so I have to work in sections at a time

My conclusion: I love it! For the price, this is a very good foundation! I love the way it looks freshly applied much more than my Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation. Even though it's a semi-matte finish, so long you  don't apply too much powder, it doesn't end up looking cakey.

What is your favorite drugstore foundation?


Natasha in Oz said...

Looks like a great product! Thanks for the review.

Thanks also for stopping by and for your comment at my blog!

Best wishes for a wonderful week,
Natasha in Oz

Theresa said...

Nice review. I haven't tried this one. The last foundation I tried new was Stila, which a got a deal on! $8. on a clearance but, now it's almost gone. Might just have to give it a try.

Jennifer said...

ok i am gonna have to try this. i love wet n wild lipliner, i have worn it for years.

Unknown said...

wow I love your review! I love the Wet n' Wild brand and I'm glad that it has good reviews in terms of foundation :D

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