Jun 21, 2013

Organizing Made Simple: My Closet & Tips

Hello and welcome to.....
my closet (or at least to what it looked like after I tidied it up!)

But we all know that's not where the story began.

It began here:

I know, I know...it's not that bad. So this definitely isn't going to be such a huge WOW moment (you know, like the super messy before and the super tidy after).

But this is as messy as I get and it was really starting to bug me (actually, it's bugged me for some time, I just learned to suppress the feeling)- so I decided it was time to get my butt into gear and organize my closet (again).

There were obviously certain "issues" that needed to be addressed!

Let me show you what I mean...

From top arrow to bottom arrow: 
- clothes, items (and is that my bed-skirt?), that I was too lazy busy to put away so they ended up being tossed on the shelf.
- The point of this hanging closet organizer is to...well, organize! But I apparently threw my scarfs in all winter long instead of rolling them up like I had intended to do (lesson learned: intentions don't get the job done!)
- Clothes are a mess and not in the order I organized them in a while back. Just look at that short sleeve blouse hanging out with my dresses, trouser pants and sweaters! Oh Lord, I hope my Mother doesn't see this post.

Here you can see the mess that continues on that top shelf...

And this door organizer is holding necklaces, scarfs, hats and totes/purses! 
Oh, and look! More purses and totes on the wall (sorry for the blurry pictures!)

Now that I showed you my shameful closet (at least to me), let me share some tips on how to organize your closet to make it easy to get dressed and find what you're looking for.

Let's face it, we're all busy and the last thing we need is a wasted 20 minutes looking for a lost shoe, missing purse or a favorite blouse.

Closet Organization Tips

1. The first thing you want to do is EMPTY out that baby- and by baby, I mean your closet.
* You can empty out one section at a time so your room doesn't look like an episode from Hoarders.

I chose to tackle all my clothes first before moving on to shoes, shelves, purses, etc...

2. Next, GET RID of anything you haven't worn in the last year- chances are you're not going to wear it in the next year either...so let it go!
* You can sell your items, give them away to someone, or donate them to your local Goodwill. Obviously, if the item isn't in good condition, just throw it away.

3. Decide how you want your clothes organized and WORK OUT A SYSTEM that works for you.
* I organized my clothes in this order:
 To the left of hanging organizer: tank tops/camis, short sleeved shirts/blouses, sleeveless blouses, long sleeved blouses, long sleeved shirts, casual pants.
To the right of hanging organizer: blazers, dress pants, summer dresses, winter dresses, sweaters, skirts (I wanted the shortest items at that end since we have a dresser under that section)

4. Get some SHOE RACKS! They instantly give you extra storage space since you can stack them on top of each other! This one is pretty cool and modern.

5. HANGING CLOSET ORGANIZERS are your best friends! They instantly lend extra space for shoes, purses, sweaters, etc..
* You can see I placed the boots that were just thrown on the shelf in its compartments. I also have more footwear in the smaller slots and a bin in the middle that holds my hats, gloves and belts.

6. OVER THE DOOR ORGANIZERS are amazing! I feel like a broken record, but again, they add extra space! And isn't that the whole point to organizing? Finding a place for everything? This one is pretty cool and has six hooks.
* On my door organizer I have my necklaces on one end, and scarfs on the rest of the hooks.

7. Use SHELVES to display purses, hats or shoes...I chose purses!

8. If you need more space for your purses, hats or scarfs, simply add some HOOKS to your closet walls!

9. Use FABRIC BINS to store hats, bathing suits, socks, or out of season accessories. 
Or you can make your own!

So there ya have it! How I organize my closet and the tips I find useful when endeavoring this fun process!

And you can't leave without taking one more peek at my tidy closet:

What is your one closet organization tip/item you cannot live without? Tell me, I want to know!

Let's stay connected!


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