May 31, 2013

Our Trip In Photos

My family and I enjoyed a lovely 4 days in Southern California and here are just some of the many, many photos we took...

We spent one day at Santa Monica beach and let Lily run wild....literally.

May 28, 2013

Tree Hut: The First Step To Natural Beauty

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tree Hut for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
You all know what a fanatic I am about trying new products...definately not a secret at all!
So when I heard about Tree Hut products, which are organic and paraben free, it set me on "Oh my..I need to try those products" alert!
 photo treehutfoot-GoogleSearch_zpsdd84afd4.jpg

May 24, 2013

Guest Post: Cilantro-Lime Chicken Marinade

While I'm soaking up the sun in Southern California, the lovely Dana from This Silly Girl's Life  is guest blogging here at Restoration Beauty! How awesome is she? Thanks, Dana!

Dana is a former professional Chef turned blogger from Florida. She is very passionate about cooking and enjoys sharing her tips and tricks with all who come across her blog.

Be sure to check out her amazing blog! You will love it!

You can also follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Google +

Okay, Dana...take it away!

Hi everyone!! I am so excited to be doing a guest post for Selene today! I am sharing with you this super quick and easy (yet delicious!) cilantro-lime chicken marinade! My Hubby and I have been trying to eat better around here and I have been experimenting with different "healthy" marinades for chicken. This cilantro-lime chicken marinade does the trick! It is soo yummy, light and refreshing. It would be perfect for tacos, on the grill for kabobs or even just seared like I will show you here. Read on for this simple chicken marinade!
chicken marinade

May 22, 2013

Summer Spruce-Up Series Link Party {Backyard/Patio Area}

It's party time!!!
That's right, It's finally time for our Summer Spruce-Up Series Link Party! 

We gave you a teaser beginning of May {click here} about a wonderful way to get our butts in gear for summer ;)  Now it's time to show us what you've been doing to get your backyard area ready for the summer.

May 20, 2013

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

Okay, so who else is totally in love with the mason jar soap dispensers that have been circling the web for quite a while? Don't blame ya! They're adorable and add the perfect farmhouse touch to any kitchen!

I've even seen these babies in some online home stores for $25 a pop! But, did I pay $25 for mine? Nope. I actually paid $0 because I already had everything I needed to create my own mason jar soap dispenser!

May 17, 2013

$45 Back Patio Makeover (Summer Spruce-Up Series)

This Summer Spruce-Up Series couldn't have come at a better (or more desperate) time! It really gave me the good kick in the butt I needed to start adding some much needed color and functionality to our once neglected back patio.

I mean, just look at the poor thing...

Gazebo parts on the floor and a missing wicker chair just doesn't say, "Hey, you wanna sit outside and have some lemon-aid?"

But this does!!

The flowers, not only bring color, but a delightful aroma to the space! And I just couldn't resist spray painting them with more bright colors!

I placed some flower pots inside a wooden tray that used to house my daughter's "band in a box" and used it as my table's centerpiece. That baby got several coats of spray paint as well.

The table is what I am most proud of. I actually made it from a wood pallet (another Pinterest idea turned into action!) My honey helped but I did most of the work! Really, I did!

Now we have a spot to place our lemon-aid or even play a board, we even ate dinner out there...the thing is huge!

Spray painting some soup cans made a fast and easy alternative to store bought pots. Not to mention, they helped me stay within my $50 budget!

Lovely and colorful! Just the way I like it!

A run down of the additions:

- missing wicker chair is back $0
- cushions were brought back outside from the garage $0
-  Pots (and some cans) & flowers were added to bring color- most pots were spray painted $32
- table was made from a wood pallet and painted a fiery red $12 (for paint)

So with a wood pallet, some pots & flowers, and whole lot of paint, I was able to begin turning this backyard space into the right direction!

The only thing I was dreading was having to water the flowers (my honey spoiled me with a drip system, so it's been a while). But lo and behold, I found this little tiny helper who actually thinks it's fun! Yup, totally saw her coming!

Oh...and I'm not the only one who sniffs the flowers!

Remember to come back on Wednesday so you can show off your backyard/patio space on our Summer Spruce-Up link party! You can read more about that here.

I can't wait to see what you've been working on!

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May 11, 2013


A true Mother stands by you, holds your hand, carries you, teaches you, leads you, has fun with you, laughs with you and enjoys you. Happy Mother's Day to all you lovely Mommy's out there!

And a very special Happy Mother's Day to my Mom! Love you, hot stuff!

I pray all of  you have an awesome day surrounded by those you love...Enjoy, you deserve it!

And here's the little but precious reason I have the honor of being a little Lily love!

I love all our times together!

May 10, 2013

Upcycled Spaghetti Sauce Jars

I'm sure everyone has used spaghetti sauce from a jar at one time or another (at least I'd like to think I'm not the only one!) I actually happen to use this "sauce from a jar" ALL THE TIME- no homemade spaghetti sauce here! Although, I did make some awesome Alfredo sauce today, so I guess spaghetti sauce could be next. Maybe.

So, what exactly have I been doing with all my glass jars after all their mediocre sauce is gone? Upcycling them, of course! I've been using them to store my dry goods (pastas and grains), to be exact. A thorough wash is all you need to get these babies working for you!

Maybe you've  already seen my upcycled storage jars if you read my Kitchen Cabinet Organization post, since that was when they did made their first appearance, looking something like this:

Obviously, I spray painted some of the lids..but two weeks ago I added labels with a little chalkboard spray paint!

Look at em' now!

I totally misspelled a couple of my pasta names! Oh well! It's in chalk and it can be fixed!
These have been my perfect solution for dry goods storage. I really dislike the boxes pasta comes in because they take up so much room and have to be stored sideways, not allowing you to see which pasta is inside.

Now I have all my "storage jars" neatly stacked on a three tier wire shelf I found at the dollar store. I can easily see their goods and the chalk labels are just fun to look at!  

To make the labels, I simply used tape to get the rectangle shape I wanted...

....and used this cereal box (that already had this perfect cut out circle once I removed the DVD it came with) to protect the un-taped areas while spray painting. I didn't even have to remove my pastas since I spray painted nowhere near the lid and the cereal box caught the spray paint.

Why does this cereal box look dirty? My daughter was using it as her next piece of artwork when I snagged it away to use it for mine! It's okay, no tears were shed. I have me a tough little cookie who understands her mother's nuttiness. 
And there ya have it! You can have some pretty cool glass storage containers with just a little cleaning and spray paint! And you can use them for more than storing pastas or grains, too!

What would you store in these? I'd really like to know!

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May 8, 2013

Summer Spruce-Up Series

Its that time of year. Time for BBQs, pool parties, blooming flowers, fire pits, porch parties, and a whole lotta fun outside! Is your outdoor space ready?! Its cool, ours isn't either! That's why the four of us have teamed up to bring you the Summer Spruce-Up Series! 

Your Hosts:

Jamie from Better with Age
Julie from The Vintage Barn
Selene from Restoration Beauty
Jenna from Rain on a Tin Roof

Each month we will host a link party that focuses on an outdoor area:

Wednesday, May 22nd - Backyard / Patio
Wednesday, June 19th - Planters
Wednesday, July 24th - Front Door / Entry
Wednesday, August 21st - Wildcard! Anything outdoors goes! {Outdoor kitchen, fire-pits, decor, etc.}

To get your creativity juices flowing, here is some great inspiration for our backyard / patio party!




You can check out the Summer Spruce-Up Pinterest board for more inspiration! 

Be sure to follow all the hosts so you don't miss out! 

Selene @ Restoration Beauty: Bloglovin, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter
Jamie @ Better with AgeBloglovinFacebookPinterestGoogle+Instagram
Julie @ The Vintage Barn: Bloglovin, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter
Jenna @ Rain on a Tin RoofBloglovinFacebookPinterestGoogle+Twitter

Can't wait to see how you spruce-up your outdoor spaces! 

May 6, 2013

DIY Fridge Mats/Coasters

Have you guys seen the fridge mats/coasters that lay on top of each shelf in your refrigerator and are supposed to make cleaning up messes easier? Not to mention, make the inside of your fridge look fabulous!

Well, I just recently came across this concept in a wonderful place called the world wide web! I read about them on a blog and was redirected to an online store that sells them. I thought they were pretty cool and was ready to place my order, which was going to run me around $30 for the set, when I know, these look an awful lot like plastic place mats!

If you are a DIYer you understand my urge to want to make everything, right?

Then I googled DIY FRIDGE COASTERS and found that I wasn't the only one that came up with this "making fridge coasters out of plastic place mats" idea. Darn it!

So, the next time I found myself at Target I picked up these 6 plastic mats in a super cool design:

These were only $1.99 a piece!! I paid under $12 for 6 of them! And to think I was going to spend $30! They didn't see me coming!
Before I show you what I did, take a look at a before picture of the inside of my fridge:

Yeah, I know...not very interesting. Just a fridge with a light out that was in desperate need of some groceries.

Before you do anything, you obviously want to clean your fridge. There's no point in laying a clean matte over a dirty shelf!

Also, make sure to wash or wipe down your new place mats to remove any dirt it may have accumulated at the store- that and you don't know who handled them before you!

Okay, on to the super easy tutorial!

Laying my mat on top of my shelf and using a dry erase marker, I marked where I had to cut in order to
get the perfect shape. I also made sure to make all corners round to match the shape of the place mat:

 I did the same thing for the drawers. Since my place mats were translucent, tracing was a cinch. 

Then I just placed my new fridge mats (or coasters, whatever you want to call them) on top of my shelves and inside my drawers..and put the food back, of course.

Here are more after pictures:

I even made some for the side door compartments using scraps!

Now, when something spills and needs cleaning up, I don't have to get into the nooks and crannies, be on my knees scrubbing, trying to get my arm to reach an awkward spot, or trying to remove the drawers. I just remove the mat, clean it and put it back! 

 I also love that when I slide something out, say the milk jug, the mat stays completely in place because the backside of the mats I purchased have a less slippery, more gritty feel to them.

All in all, I am glad I didn't purchased the online ones. I saved myself more than 1/2 the price and have fridge mats that do exactly what they're supposed to!

What do you think? Is this something you would give a try?

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May 3, 2013

Cork Board Makeover (Using Fabric)

Today I am going to show you how I gave this boring cork board one awesome (and fast) makeover!

Cork boards are super functional and help you get organized; but if you just buy the most basic one, you are ending up with a very BORING piece on your wall! However, if you look at the prices of the more stylish and jazzed up ones....well, let's just say I understand why you would settle for the plain and boring one! Obviously, I did too!

But your plain cork board doesn't have to stay like that! Why not give it a little makeover so it could display your calendars, pictures, goals and vision more proudly? A pretty cork board also gets you more excited about what's pinned on it!

Here's how I made over mine!

What you need:
- fabric
- scissors
-glue gun (or you can use spray adhesive
-nail gun (or you can just glue it to the back)
-optional: pins for decorating

After you cut your fabric according to your boards measurements, you want to make sure there are no wrinkles in your fabric- so get that ironing board and iron away, baby!

After your fabric is wrinkle-free place it on top of your board the way you want the pattern to be laid. Make sure that there is enough excess to staple (or glue) it to the back.

I used a glue gun, so I started with a corner and glued only the the edges closes to the frame. I did this all the way around...

Here it is with all the edges glued:

Now just turn your board upside down and staple away (you can read and see my stapling method here)

Once I was finished stapling, I turned it right side up again and decorated the edges with these black and white round pins I found at Target. Aren't they pretty?

And this is the final result!

The total cost of this project was just under $6!!!
$2.50 for the fabric-ON SALE!!!
$3 for the pins!
I had everything else already so this was one very inexpensive project with a very big transformation, for sure!

This cork board is actually going in our youth room at church so it's definitely going to add some much needed pattern to the room!

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