Apr 5, 2013

Sprucing Things Up With Spray Paint

One of the very first posts I wrote was about the power of makeup. Well, I'm a firm believer that spray paint holds that same power (just not for your face, of course, but for pretty much everything else.) A mini (or major) sprucing up is all contained within a little can of paint...AMAZING!

I must admit, I am addicted to spray painting. There, I said it! I purposely try to buy things that aren't quite the right color just so I can get my spraying on. I'll look around our home looking for my next "victim", thinking that something has got to need a touch up of some sort. My husband laughs at me and just lets me have my way, but I know he thinks I'm nuts...and to be honest, I don't really care!

This isn't a post with spray painting tips or techniques..I just want to share with you a few (of the many, many) things I've spray painted.
And I must apologize for the serious lack of "before" photos. The majority of these were attacked with spray paint before my blogging days (I say that like I've been blogging forever when in reality it's only been a few months.)

These curtains were one of my very first spray painting projects. They were a wheat color and I spray painted lighter cream colored stripes on them to make them feel lighter and fresher...and to add some sort of design to the poor things.

This frame used to be an ugly brown and that bathtub looking thing in the background was bronze (it's past midnight and I cannot for the life of me think of what that's called!) Neither of those two colors were doing anything for my light blue guest bathroom...that is until they got a fresh coat of paint!

I scored this table at Target for $35! What wasn't a score was it's light maple color! Spray painting it black made it look pretty and classy.

No, I didn't spray paint the lampshade (although, I can't wait to try that!) I did, however, transform a simple glass bowl into a chic white bowl!

These lanterns wore a depressing antique green type color that totally clashed with my blue walls. But look at them now, all modern looking and gorgeous!

This next, and final, photo proves how I will find ANYTHING to spray paint when I get attacked with the spray painting bug. I mean, seriously, was there a need to spray paint my black drawer organizers? NO! It's not like they're on display. They're hidden away for goodness sake! And the can of spray paint cost more than the actual organizers!
But to my defense, they do look prettier (for the whole split second the drawer is open for) in a metallic finish..makes them look less plasticky (I realize that's not a word..again it's past midnight) and more like metal.

This goes to show you, you don't always have to find the right thing in the right color. You can always change it with a little spray paint! Or, if you're like me, you go looking for the right thing in the wrong color, just so you can get your finger on that nozzle!

This, by the way, is my favorite spray paint!

What are some of the things you've transformed with spray paint, or any paint?

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Lisa @ Texas Decor said...

I never thought of spray painting curtains. Good tip! I've passed up many things because they were the wrong color. I always forget you can spray paint almost anything. :) I'm addicted to spray painting things too. Nothing is safe in my house. :)

Susan said...

My friend suggested using spray paint to spruce things up but I have been a little scared to mess it up! but those are fantastic transformations! Maybe I will give it a try...

Jai said...

I'm dying for the weather to get nice so I can take my spray painting outside! Good post! Love your similarities to makeup. ;)

Rachel said...

I think we could be fast friends!!! I just spray painted yesterday. Love the idea of painting the curtains.

I am also a new blogger. You have clearly put a lot of time into your blog and I think it looks awesome. Any time you are looking to hand out tips, I'd be happy to learn from you.

I'll be following you on BlogLovin. I haven't done any link parties (basically because I don't really get it), but am going to soon!

P.S. I have a Lily too!

Lena said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog yesterday and for your sweet comment :) I think spray-paint is my best friend :) I just spray-painted our ceiling fan on Saturday, and got two more colors to spray things around the house too :) I love this table that you scored, and black works so much better with your decor. You have a lovely house!!

Jenna LaFevor said...

You know I love me some spray paint as well! Love all your transformations!
Jenna @ Rain on a Tin Roof

Jenna LaFevor said...

Oh and I'm loving the new blog look!

Lauree Hawes said...

I LOVE spray paint!!! I use it for almost everything! :)

Nice transformations!

Melanie@FinditMakeitLoveit.com said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog yesterday! Your blog is fabulous-I'm a new fan for sure! Great projects using spray paint:)

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