Apr 29, 2013

Spring/Summer Foundation Application Tip

Spring is here and Summer is right around the corner! As the weather gets warmer and warmer I get the sudden urge to lighten my foundation application. Who wants a heavy coverage, matte finish when it's 100 degrees outside? Not me! I don't mind the coverage (trust me, I need it), but If there is one thing I cannot stand is a cakey face! Especially during Spring and Summer when skin is supposed to instantly glow (yeah right, mine never instantly glows!)

There are two ways I like to lighten up my foundation (it's consistency not color) without having to buy a new one every season. Both techniques are super easy and lend awesome results! 

The first way is by making my own tinted moisturizer; click here to check that out.

But today, I want to talk about the second way which is accomplished by incorporating nothing more than a little H2O! That's right ladies...water is all you need!

There's only 1 step to this technique:
Run your sponge or brush under water until it's wet. Squeeze out the excess water and apply your foundation as normal. That's it!

The water instantly makes your heavy coverage foundations lighter in consistency, easier to blend and feels amazing on the skin, especially on a hot summer day. 

But what I love most, is how it doesn't take away from the coverage or it's longevity at all! I find that I still get the amazing coverage (that i desperately need), while allowing my face to breathe a little. It also brings a very natural glow to my complexion. 

My foundation also wears very nicely throughout the day. If I'm wearing my makeup all day (which is pretty much only Sundays) I only have to touch up once- about 8 hours after first application.

Here's proof- in this picture I am wearing my Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation (a very heavy coverage foundation that can apply cakey if not careful), using this technique and without any setting powder:

If you can look past the fact that my foundation is a few shades lighter than my skin (nothing a little bronzer can't fix- and has fixed many times), you will see that nice glow that wouldn't be there had I not added water to my brush.

You can wear it without a setting powder but I have oily skin and need a little extra help in this department so...
I set my foundation with a tiny bit of E.L.F Mineral Booster in Sheer. This is how little I used on my entire face- I don't want to eliminate all the glow!

And this is what it looks after I applied my minimal amount of setting powder:

My complexion still looks natural with a subtle glow!

And don't worry, once I finished the rest of my makeup, life came back to my face!

Stay tuned for an upcoming post on how to fake a glow- something I've always had to do!

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Cristina Garay said...

What a great tip! I have never done that but for sure I'm going to try it, ha plain old water! :)
You look beautiful.

Vel Criste said...

Very useful tip Selene! Thanks!!! I'm no make-up guru myself, so any tip is most welcome! thank you for visiting my blog as well!

Unknown said...

Good advice! I hate having a cakey-face after applying foundation but it looks like this might help me! Thanks for posting :D

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