Feb 5, 2013

Liebster Award

I am very excited about today's post! The lovely Katie Clarke, from Katie Clarke Makeup has nominated me for the Liebster Award! Thank you so much for thinking of me Katie! I'm so glad I found you in this "blog world"!

So, what is the Liebster Award? The Liebster Award is a very cool and interactive community that helps connect bloggers with other bloggers. It's a way to promote new blogs that have less than 200 followers. Liebster in German means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome. The nominees get to share facts about themselves, answer some fun questions from the person who nominated them and then nominate the blogs they love! It's kind of like a tag. The reward is finding new awesome blogs and making new friends!

Here are the rules:

  • The nominee must link back to the blogger who nominated them.
  • The nominee must state 11 facts about themselves, and then answer the 11 questions provided for them by the person who nominated them. 
  • The nominee must then nominate bloggers with less than 200 followers, who they think deserve the recognition, and pose 11 new questions for them to answer. 
  • They must then tell the bloggers who they have nominated about the award.


  1. I wish I could fly. I imagine it would be one of the coolest feelings ever!
  2. I'm addicted to laughing. It's one of my favorite things to do!
  3. I have a weakness for Tiramassu. Put this delicious dessert in front of me and you will see the quickest disappearing act ever!
  4. I enjoy doing research...on anything. I'm the girl people call to find out random information. I may not have the answer, but I will get it for you!
  5. I love old classic movies (even black & white ones). Everything was clean and there was no need for profanity. They don't make movies like they used to.
  6. If I could be surrounded by just one color for the rest of my life, it would be yellow. It just makes me happy!
  7. I'm both a morning person and a night owl.
  8. I get a thrill out of cleaning and organizing! I know, some people find it odd.
  9. I love to read! Some of my favorite books are David Copperfield, The Count of Monte Cristo, Crime and Punishment, A Tale of Two Cities and The Three Musketeers.
  10. My favorite type of shoes to wear are flats- comfy and stylish!
  11. I love painting things in my home to update or change their feel. I'm impressed by what a huge difference paint can make!

My Questions from Katie:

1. What is a nickname that your friends or family call you and why?

Hmm...now that I think about it, I don't think anyone has ever nicknamed me anything... my sister will sometimes call me “sissy pu”, which I hope is a term of endearment on her part and not because she thinks I'm a big sissy that smells like poo.

2. Why did you start your blog? and what do you enjoy most from it?

I've always enjoyed all things beauty and just recently got into home diy projects. I'm always talking about it with my friends and family or someone is always asking me questions about a certain product or for my recommendations. I've had family members bring up the idea, and truth be told, I've sat on it for quite some time. So this year, for one of my goals, I wrote down, “start my own blog”. I just knew it was the right time. 
I really love and enjoy interacting with other fellow bloggers and with my readers; That really is the most rewarding part! I love being able to provide information or tips that others can benefit from. The “blog world” really is so much fun and filled with so many kind and supportive people! I can honestly say, I love what I do.

3. What is one of your skills/talents that you're proud of?

I can type 75 words per minute..so glad I took that typing class in high school and college! I'm sure reaping its benefits now that I blog.

4. What is your best childhood memory?

Spending the entire summer of 97 in the pool! It was the funnest summer ever!

5. What is your favourite make-up brand and product from this brand? 

I don't really have a favorite makeup brand but only favorite products. But if I had to pick one makeup product that I love it would have to be my M.A.C Fix + Spray. I use it to set my makeup and I love the dewy finish it gives my complexion.

6. What was the best holiday you've been on?
When my hubby and I took our daughter, Lily, to Disneyland for her first time! I've been there as a little girl, with my husband when we were courting and that's where we go for our Anniversary almost every year, so to be able to share such a special place with her was just amazing! It was like I was experiencing Disneyland for the very first time through her eyes!

7. Whats your favourite website to browse?

Makeupalley.com; only becasue I'm always researching products or looking for new ones to try. Makeupalley.com is a website where people can review pretty much any product related to beauty or skincare.

8. Can you speak another language, if not what would you like to speak?

I can speak, write and read in Spanish. It was my first language learned.

9. What was the last thing you purchased?

Four bottles of spray paint and some trays &  bins for organizing my home (I'm an organizing junkie; the kind that organizes her organizing supplies..haha!).

10. Whats the most embarrassing thing that's happened to you?

Thinking, thinking, thinking....to be honest, I don't get embarrassed easily. If I fall, I'm the first one to laugh! I just think it's funny!
But one moment that could have been embarrassing (if there wouldn't have been so much pain involved) would have been when I was jogging with my then  fiance (now husband), and as we are running, he jumps to touch a wire connected to a post. So what do I do? Attempt to do the same...not my brightest idea or moment. There was a pot hole on my side and I ended up falling in it and spraining my ankle (all about 1 week before the wedding by the way) Oh and the reason I wasn't embarrassed was because I was in too much pain to even think about who may have seen me. I wasn't laughing that time; but there were tears involved. He had to carry me to his car and take me home. I could still see my Mom's face when she opened the door, like she was thinking, “What the heck did you do to her?” The good news is I have moved on from that “traumatic” experience and am able to laugh about it now.

11. What would be your perfect day?

It would definitely be a day in which I can go out shopping all day with me, myself and I. Don't get me wrong, I love my daughter, but you can only try on so many clothes and visit so many department store makeup brand sections at a time when accompanied by a toddler. And I'm the type that likes to take her time. I'm not the go in, get what you need/want, get out kinda gal...I like to browse; I find it very therapeutic.

And the nominees are....

Here are my questions for you: 

  1. What is your favorite makeup look?
  2. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
  3. What one beauty product can't you live without?
  4. Who is the person in your life that knows you the best?
  5. How long does it take you to get ready on an average day?
  6. If you could have any superpower, which would you choose?
  7. What else, besides what you blog about, are you passionate about?
  8. What is the greatest lesson you've learned in life?
  9. Are you an indoors or outdoors kind of person?
  10. What is your biggest goal/dream that you would love see realized?
  11. What is your favorite accessory?
I am very much looking forward to seeing your answers!! Have fun :)


Unknown said...

Good gosh! 75 words per minute! Wow :D! it was awesome reading this! Have a good week hun x

Unknown said...

Selene you are so lovely and funny I really enjoyed reading through this is made me smile! Especially about the tiramassu and sissy pu! And one day your little Lily will be browsing with you in all those lovely shops! :) Really glad I found your blog too in this blog world! Talk again soon :)

Katie xxx

Unknown said...

Working on this as we speak!! Thanks so much. . .



Selene @ Restoration Beauty said...

Thanks for reading Hanzy! You have a good week as well :)

Selene @ Restoration Beauty said...

Hi Katie, I'm so glad you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed yours!

Selene @ Restoration Beauty said...

Oh cool!

Unknown said...

Thanks bunches Selene for the nomination! :)

Unknown said...

Yay!! I'm so excited to get started!! Thanks so much for thinking of me :)

Selene @ Restoration Beauty said...

My pleasure :)

Selene @ Restoration Beauty said...

It's a lot of fun! And it was my pleasure :)

Unknown said...

Wow thanks for nominating me, I will get on it after filming another tutorial :-)

Selene @ Restoration Beauty said...

My pleasure Janice! Looking forward to reading yours:)

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