Feb 18, 2013

How To: One Brush Eye Look

Hello! Today I am bringing you the post I promised: an eye look using only 1 brush!!!
I'm really excited about this one because it was my first time attempting this and it turned out so very pretty! It seriously looks like I used more brushes than just one $1 E.L.F brush. That just goes to show you, you can use what you have and still look good! It's all about technique!

So, are you ready? Go grab your one eyehsadow brush and any 3 eyeshadows you'de like! I used my Wet n' Wild Walking on Eggshells Trio (retails $4-5 but i scored mine for under $2!!)

This look is very natural; perfect for day wear or work. But I have a more dramatic, smokey eye look here, if that's what you're looking for.

Okay, let's get started!

1. ) Dab your brush into whatever lid color you are using (mine is a light-medium pink) and dab unto your lid area.

2.) I chose to do my highlighting next (I always find myself switching steps just to spice things up!) Apply your highlighting shade under your brow (a), all the way down to that small area between your nose and tear duct (b) and on your tear duct area.



3.) Wipe your brush clean and dip into the darkest color you are using (mine is a light shimmery brown). Then simply angle your brush to create that outer V shape(a); blend inwards towards lid color(b) and outwards into crease (c), like so:

a.       b.


4.) To go from a harsh line (a) to soft and blended (b), simply clean off your brush and use the tip of it to gently blend out all the edges of your eyeshadow upwards towards (but not reaching) the brow bone (c).


Note: do you see all that fallout on my lashes? I leave it there! These extra tiny particles bind  to your lashes with your mascara and help the volumizing process...va va va voom! It works like a mascara primer!!!

5.) Add that same color you used on your crease to the lower 2/3 of your lash line, like so:

That's it! You can stop right there and end up with a simple soft eye look! 

But if you (like me) want to add a bit more dimension to the outer 1/3 of the eyes (this technique makes your eyes look bigger and more separated), feel free to continue with one more step:

6.) Using an even darker shadow ( I used my eyebrow powder; a dark brown), place your brush right at the edge of your outer eye (a) and make an angled marking like in (b). Then blend that color inwards in that same angle (c). The marking helps you remember not to add that darker color outside that area. When you go past that area your eyes will look saggy and tired.


Apply your favorite eyeliner ( I went with a brown one) and mascara and you are done!!!

And this is what one eyeshadow brush accomplished:

I'm so impressed with how this turned out! It really looks like I used all my fancy shmancy brushes...but nope, I didn't! I just used my $1 E.L.F eyeshadow brush for all the steps!!! Can you believe it!! I got the same effect as I do when using my blending brush, pencil brush and highlighting brush; super cool!
This is perfect for when you travel (no more bag full of more brushes than you know what to do with), when you're in a hurry or when all your other brushes are dirty.

And just for fun, find yourself an adorable little toddler and have a mini fun photo shoot like we did:

Open mouths!!!


Just a smile:)

Funny faces! Although Lily's looks more like a sad face...haha!

Have a super fun day!!!

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Easmin Miah said...

nice & simple and very pretty:)
Please have a look at my blog. thank you http://www.ohhsopeachy.com/2013/02/print-fan-tastic-trends.html

Mindi@MyLove2Create said...

Such great tips! I can always use good make up advice! Thanks for your sweet comment on my desk! Have a great day!

Selene Galindo said...

Hi Mindi! Thanks for stopping by again! I just love your blog and am glad you found this useful! Have a great day as well!!

Selene Galindo said...

Thanks Easmin! Glad you stopped by and enjoyed this look! I will definitely check out your blog today!

Jenna LaFevor said...

Simple and Gorgeous! Love it!

Jenna @ http://rainonatinroof.com

Selene Galindo said...

Thanks Jenna! Glad you liked it!

Katie Clarke said...

you look great as always Selene :) and those pictures of you and your little girl are soooo cute, I love the last one! xx

Selene Galindo said...

Thanks Katie! This post was a lot of fun, that's for sure!

Hazel Barker said...

Hi Selene, I have just discovered your blog and it's amazing. Your background is beautiful and even though your a new beauty blogger you have a great range of posts. I love that you put in loads of detail when you create eye shadow looks like this post and your soft smokey eye post.

It would mean the world to me if you checked out my new beauty blog, and if you liked it, became a member.

Don't stop what your doing, you blog deserves so many more members, it's great to see a mix of make up and diy projects (which you make look super easy).

Hazel X

Hazel Barker said...

I'm your newest member! X

Selene Galindo said...

Hi Hazel! Thank you so much for all the compliments! I love all things beauty and all things DIY/home decor so decided to just combine my passions! I'm glad you find it enjoyable and so glad you are following me! I will most definitely check out your blog; my pleasure :)

Maria Duque said...

Love this! and you daughter seems super cute!

Maria Duque said...

And all the makeup and beauty accessories that you have in the pictures...lucky you! :D

Selene Galindo said...

Thank you Maria! She just loves to sit with me while I do my makeup! Oh, and all that makeup took a while to collect..I'm actually going to be going through it soon and de-cluttering to simplify my collection.

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