Feb 11, 2013

DIY: Storage/Decorative Boxes

Today's post is going to be so much fun! Because I am going to be showing you how you can make your very own, one of a kind, storage box/decorative box (whatever suits your fancy) like these one's:

Does this fabric look familiar? It's the same one I used here to reupholster some chairs.               

As you all know, I love me some organization, and lately I've been re-working the organization in my home; buying bins and trays from the dollar store to house items, moving things around, trashing things that I didn't even know I still had, and such...

But I don't want everything to be so plasticky (I know that's not a real word but I like it..) and store- like looking. I like to bring a touch of personal style, even to the things that hold my random junk stuff.

So I decided to make more of these DIY Storage Boxes (I made the 3 boxes shown above when inspired by this post) and today you will want to make some too!

I've used this technique for cardboard boxes and shoe boxes (and their lids).

All you need is: A cardboard box in whatever size your little heart desires, some fabric (a canvas drop-cloth would make a nice neutral choice), and some permanent adhesive (I used fabric glue). A glue gun would work as well.

Here is my choice of fabric (an old curtain) and my box (the biggest one I've ever used!)
- Make sure your fabric is well ironed
-Cut the flaps of the box with a box cutter or scissors *please be very careful*

-Measure your box and cut enough fabric to not only cover the box but to be glued inside the box; how much fabric should be inside the box is completely up to you.
- I always mark the corners of the box on the fabric with a pen (like shown by red circles here) to help me remember where the box should be.
-Make sure your box is aligned perfectly to your pattern

- Make another marking about 2 inches diagonally away from the corner of the box (from the first marking)
-Then draw one vertical line directly beneath it and another  horizontally going away from the box
 -Cut out the rectangle you just drew with your lines like shown above
-Repeat in all the corners
- Once you are done with that, your fabric should look something like this (cross shape).
- The left and right flaps are longer than the up and down ones because I wanted the fabric to go all the way  to the bottom of the box on the inside. I would have done that with the other sections but the width of my curtains did not allow it.
-Choose a side of your storage box to begin with and apply glue to the edge of your fabric
-Apply a strip of glue to the fabric that is directly below the corners of your storage box (from blue dot to blue dot)

-Firmly hold the inside of your storage box with one hand while pulling the fabric over the box with the other
-Apply pressure to the edge of the fabric where you placed the glue to ensure proper adhesion
-It should look like this when you are finished with this step.
-Repeat on opposite side

-Now that you have two opposite sides glued you will have extra fabric on your other two opposite sides
-This red line marks the excess fabric.
-The picture below shows what to do with this excess.

-Glue excess fabric inward to create a seamless edge like shown here
-Repeat on all corners

-Next, repeat what you did to the first two opposite sides:
- Glue the edge of the fabric
-Bring the fabric in tightly with one hand while holding the box with the other so you don't end up with any bubbles
-Glue the edge inside the box
-Repeat on the other side

You are almost done with your DIY Storage Box!!!

-This is what your edge will look like; as you can see there is a small opening. Feel free to add a little glue in there and press until it adheres.

This is how my storage box looked at this point but I wanted the inside all covered as well so I just measured the piece that was still revealing the cardboard and cut a piece of fabric to glue in there.

Ahhhh...much better!

Oh, and just for fun...this is how you cover your box with fabric according to my sweet daughter..haha! But she recommends using a glue stick!

And what did my new stylish storage box end up holding? Bath towels, of course!

You can use these DIY boxes for storage or to decorate your home with. I've used them for both purposes and have been very pleased with them!

How much did this project cost me? $0- I already had all the supplies needed! And I still have more of these curtains and boxes! So for $0 I will have a nice collection of storage boxes! How cool is that? (Answer: very cool!)

Thanks so much for reading! I know what you are going to do now....find some boxes and buy some fabric! Go ahead, because I'm off to go finish mine! Happy gluing!

What is your favorite crafty way to get organized?

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Hanzy ReginaPhalange said...

Great idea & so easy to follow! Bless your daughter she's adorable x

Anna Elizabeth said...

So much better than having ugly cardboard boxes laying everywhere!


Selene Galindo said...

Definitely! Thanks for stopping by!

Jenna LaFevor said...

These are super cute! Love the fabric you chose!

Jenna @ http://rainonatinroof.com

Selene Galindo said...

Hi Hanzy! Thank you! She is always imitating what I'm doing!

Selene Galindo said...

Hi Jenna! Thank you! They were some old curtains I had laying around and I couldn't wait to go to the fabric store so I just used that!

Rochelle Westlake said...

Great idea, so much better than going out and buying ugly plastic bins!

Angel Allen said...

Hello, I'm your newest follower. I found you on Girlish Whims blog hop and came to visit your blog. I will visit often and hope you will visit my blog sometime.

Selene Galindo said...

Thanks Rochelle! My thoughts exactly!

Selene Galindo said...

Hi Angel! Thanks for following and welcome to Restoration Beauty! I will check yours out too!

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

So pretty! I would love you to come join my Pin Me Linky Party that starts in a few minutes at 8am CST. I allow up to 3 links each week!

Selene Galindo said...

Hi Diana! Thanks for stopping by, following and for the invitation! I just finished linking up to your party!! Thanks again!

Theresa said...

I love how it turned out! & your daughter is seriously cute (glue sticks) lol Thanks for sharing & linking up @ DearCreatives.com Hope to see you again this week.

Selene Galindo said...

Thank you Theresa! Lily loves to DIY right beside me and I just love it! Will see you at your link party!

Laurie @ The Rookie Wife said...

I really love the idea of fabric covered boxes, I've been seeing the idea all over the place lately but I just haven't found fabric I love..or a project I need it for! Thanks for the tutorial. I'm pinning it! ;)

Selene Galindo said...

Thanks Laurie! That's very nice of you to pin it! Very much appreciated :)

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Thanks for coming!!

DesignGeek said...

I need more storage, but cute storage can be so expensive. I love this idea and you make it sound so easy.

Mandy A said...

tooo cute, now i just need to find lots of cheap fabric (coz they arent cheap) lol

Jeannie and Linda said...

Love your boxes! I have to go save those copy paper boxes from the recycle bin. They even have lids!
Great instructions so I don't have to re-invent the wheel! Thanks for sharing.

Linda at The French Hens Nest

Sarah Reibs said...

Great way to use up some left over fabric, and so cute and easy!!! Plus, not to mention budget friendly. ;-)

Sarah| Beauty and Lemonade xo

Thorough Lad said...

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Bob fortune said...

Your idea of a fabric covered cardboard carton for a storage box is as interesting and as easy as it can get. I have tried making one after seeing this, but didn’t get the kind of finish – painting the box seems a good idea to me.

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