Jan 18, 2013

The Power of Makeup (Before & After)

It was love at first blush sweep. That's exactly what happened the time I first applied my first makeup product (it happened to be blush). I was only 14 and I can still remember the giddiness I felt as I saw the pink flush transform my cheeks. That was it. I was hooked. From that day on I wore blush to school everyday; and since I was still attempting to learn the right application technique, I'm sure there were times I looked more like a clown heading to the circus than a rosy cheeked girl heading to school. But that's okay because I didn't know it then; and I don't recall ever seeing anyone pointing and laughing at me so my pride wasn't hurt in the process.

Fast forward 14 years (wait, I'm 28? Oh my, I'm 28!!) and I still get excited about the way makeup enhances my features right before my eyes.  It absolutely amazes me how every woman has such different features and how makeup can help bring them out to their best potential. It's not about covering up the "ugly" but bringing out the beauty that's already there. Sometimes that beauty tends to be overlooked by dark eye circles, zits, acne scars, redness, discoloration, and so on; but trust me, it can still be brought out with the help of a few makeup staples, tricks and tools.

I am of the belief that if the “barn” needs painting, then honey by all means, paint it please! My “barn” definitely needs painting (as you can see from the pictures below) and I am not ashamed to admit it. I don't have a perfect complexion but I can definitely fake one with bronzers and highlighters. You do what you gotta do, right? That, and I have seen enough girls without their makeup on to know I'm not alone on the “faking a nice complexion” wagon. On the other hand, I have also come across a few gals whose complexion looked perfect without the help of makeup. I always compliment them and ask what they do to accomplish that glowy effect. Do they know of a secret I don't know of? I don't always like the answer I get...they have no secret, that's just the way their skin looks (at this point I try very hard to contain myself from tripping them so they can fall flat on their face). But I don't get jealous or depressed because I know I have my "transforming tools" at home to comfort me.

Just to prove how makeup can transform your features I have so graciously provided some very personal evidence: my very own before and after! I told you I wasn't ashamed!

Note: not one of these pictures was enhanced or edited in any way shape or form. 

Whoa! Don't worry, this picture took my breath away a little too. I'm smiling because I know my makeup is waiting for me and it never fails me! That and I can't help but be happy!
Much better! My eyes look bigger and you can actually see my eyelashes!  (My eyes look a little red from trying not to blink while taking pictures- I always lose at those staring games)

Look at that zit on my cheek! (not to mention the acne scarring around my mouth area) And please, take note of the lack of color on my face (you understand  why I love blush so much now, don't you?)
Tada! Zit gone, scars gone, color is evident now and skin is glowing (thanks to my trusty highlighters)!

Amazing? I think so!

I don't believe that makeup is beauty or that a woman needs makeup to be beautiful. We've all heard the saying that beauty starts from within; and it's so very true. You can be the most gorgeous woman on planet earth and have such an ugly attitude or heart that it affects the way people see you. The beauty on the outside will be overlooked by the "ugliness" that is inside.

All  makeup is, is a tool. But a very powerful one. It can change the way you feel and boost your confidence level (so long you don't rely only on makeup for this). I've seen makeover transformations on T.V. and it always amazes me that no matter how low a woman's self-esteem is or how much she doesn't believe herself to be pretty, something changes when she sees herself all "dolled-up". There's a twinkle in her eyes that wasn't there before and she begins to smile. She now has a new image of who she is instead of the old image of how she saw herself: ugly. It's very important to remember that how you see yourself is the way others see you as well.

And this isn't to imply that in order to feel confident or look beautiful one must be "made- up" every minute of everyday. Even I, a makeup fanatic, look forward to the days that I can give my face a break and have it running "naked" all day long (typically 1-3 times a week). On these days I will still go to the store or do whatever I have to do with my bare face (I'm sorry, but I don't put on a face of makeup just to go to the post office). After all, even your face needs a day off!

Random Weird Beauty Facts:

  • The Romans had no tolerance for facial blemishes; not even freckles. They used odd methods to diminish, hide, or rid themselves of such things. These included milk baths and fowl fat.
  • Once upon a time, women used leeches to "bleed" themselves to achieve the pale look once considered the epitome of feminine beauty.
  • Many of today's most beautiful celebrities use urine as part of their beauty regimen. However, they aren't the first to use urine in a cosmetic form. The Romans used it to make toothpaste.
  • Shimmery cosmetics often contain fish scales.
  • For nearly two centuries women thought it necessary to dilate their pupils in order to achieve true beauty. They did this by using drops from the poisonous Belladonna plant.
  • During the 5th century, women aspired to be as hairless as possible. They plucked out all traces of hair, including their eyelashes, and shaved their foreheads.

What are your thoughts on makeup? Do you have a "first time I wore makeup" story you would like to share? I'd love to hear from you!


Katie Clarke said...

You have an infectious smile :) that is the most beautiful thing you wear, with or without the make up!

Selene Galindo said...

Thank you Katie! That's so sweet! And thanks for checking out my blog!

sanjana said...

Nice Look loved your Smile :)

Selene Galindo said...

Thank you Sanjana! Thanks for stopping by!

Zoe Dubs said...

GREAT post! I am not brave enough to put my naked face out there quite yet haha

Love Zoe x

Selene Galindo said...

Hi Zoe! Thanks!! I'm so glad you stopped by! As for the pictures of my bare face, I just kind of closed my eyes and hit the publish button..haha. No turning back now!

cURioSItaELlyA said...

OMG....what make up brand do you use? Saw similar tutorial at PInterest. No, I won't show my naked face for the world to see without make up but then again I won't show my made up face for the world to see either. I need this tutorial.....hahahahaa....!!! Please....!!! Great post!

Selene Galindo said...

Thanks hun! I can't remember if I used my Colorstay Whipped foundation or my Rimmel Lasting Finish, but one of those two for sure. I think the eyeshadows were from my Naked palette from Urban decay. Thank you for following too! Glad you enjoyed it!

Anonymous said...

Hello beautiful ! Thank you for this , now I believe my mom and don't feel the need of masking my face up with makeup .. We are all beautiful and maybe we just need a bit of makeup to enhance what is already there , thanks again mamas

Nina said...

You have great eyebrows to begin with, but they do look more fabu when you are through!

Selene @ Restoration Beauty said...

Thank you, Nina!

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