Jan 15, 2013

My First Attempt At Reupholstering Chairs

Girl meets ugly chairs, girl revamps ugly chairs, girl falls in love with chairs. This is the story that began three weeks ago when my husband came home with two office chairs he was given from work. I'm not going to lie...they were absolutely hideous. I now regret not taking any pictures of their formerly ugly selves (really, I didn't want to waste good card memory on such ugly things), as they would have been totally useful right about now for "before" pictures (note to self: don't just take pictures of pretty things).

So this isn't a before and after, but rather just an after. For the before images, you will have to depend on your imagination and my hopefully detailed description. Okay, ready to imagine? Here it goes...the frame of the chairs was a dark brown wood that had seen better days, the seat cushion was a reddish brown commercial type fabric that kind of resembled commercial carpet (yuck) and the backrest was a dark brown faux leather material (at least I don't believe it was real leather). The overall feel of the chairs was dark and dated.

I noticed they had good bones so I was able to see their potential. I had been reading a lot of blogs on reupholstering through Pinterest and I was antsy to give it a try. So as I stared at the two not so pretty chairs I began to envision what color I wanted to paint them and what type of fabric I could see them wearing. The feel I wanted to accomplish was fresh and modern.

The timing of the chairs could not have been more perfect, as we were rethinking a space connected to our living room that was intended to be the dinning area. This space has remained quite useless in the almost 4 years of our dwelling here (play area for our daughter= too much of a mess) and I really wanted to make it work and give it a purpose so hubby and I recently decided to gradually make it into a sitting area.

These chairs were also introduced to me just 5 days before we were going to have family and friends over, and the perfectionist in me wished I could pull a magic wand out of my bra, wave it over the chairs and make them go-geous. But since I haven't acquired that gift yet, I quickly re-read all the blogs I had previously found on reupholstering and made up my mind that I would be brave enough to attempt it.

The next night I found myself in the curtain isle at Target when I came upon some awesome black and white printed curtain panels. Each panel was 54 X 84 (which would be a little over 2 yards) and was on sale for $15! The print was perfect so I bought a 2 panels but only ended up using one panel for both chairs!

That night I reupholstered the chairs and the next day I sanded and painted them in Behr's Antique White (Satin finish). I was surprised by how easy reupholstering actually was (at least these chairs); it was very enjoyabe. I am not going to attempt to give a step by step tutorial for this post since I did not take pictures for each step but the blessed and blissful life blog was very useful to me in the process; it has links to other blogs and articles that have detailed instructions, tips and pictures on reupholstering.

You saw the "before" pictures of the ugly chairs in your mind, now here is what the chairs look like now:

Ahhhh... they're a breath of fresh air to the former drab area that once was. I love the way the cream frames of the chairs looks against the black and white fabric; very elegant and classy. And the pattern brings them back to life! Overall, I am very pleased with them. I now sit in them every morning to read and plan out my day.

This project only cost me $40 (curtain panel, staple gun and staples) since the chairs were free and I used paint I already had on hand. That is pretty cool if I do say so myself! And I do!

My advice to you if you find yourself thinking of reupholstering: do it! But if you are a novice like me, first read, read and re-read on the subject. The link I provided above has a variety of links with tons of information that can aid you in the process. Happy reupholstering!

Fun facts:

  • It took me about 25 hours to start, design and post my first blog. Yes I kept track of my time.
  • Most of the 8 hours I spent on it today I was in my PJ's; I did not change into normal clothes until 2 p.m. No, it is not normal to find me in my PJ's past 10 a.m.
  • While working on it this morning and afternoon I also played with my Lily, fed her 3 times (breakfast, snack and lunch), straightened up the house, did 4 loads of laundry (and folded them), read to Lily, put Lily down for her nap and I think I ate somewhere in between all that!
  • When hubby came home he made us a very yummy dinner! So thankful for that!
  • I just noticed what was keeping Lily entertained as I finished typing this: opening my maxi pads, sticking them on the floor and re-purposing them as a bed for her small Mickey!
  • After I finish typing this we are going to get some doughnuts! I think I will have 2!


Theresa said...

Nice re-do! I love the pattern choice & colors.

Selene Galindo said...

Thank you Theresa! Have a great weekend!

The Crafty Book Worm said...

Omg lol at the maxi pads! Kids you gotta love em.

Selene Galindo said...

Haha!! Yes, they certainly bring a new level of joy into one's life, that's for sure! Thanks for stopping by again!

Shandy said...

Chairs look great, Selene! I haven't been brave enough to reupholster anything other than an old piano bench, but this makes me want to step out of my comfort zone. I love the fabric you picked out, as well. {I also LOL'd at the maxi pad story!!!}

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I'm following you now via GFC :)

Shandy @ Aprons 'n Pearls

Selene @ Restoration Beauty said...

Thanks Shandy! You know, it really isn't as hard as it seems. It can be a bit intimidating at first...just read up on other's tutorials. That's what I did.
Thanks for being my newest follower!! Have a great weekend!

Robin from highpointcircle.blogspot said...

Great job on your chairs, especially for a first time! Wow. Thanks for stopping by.

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