Jun 23, 2015

Capturing Memories with SOUFEEL

Disclosure: SOUFEEL provided me with a product for this review but as always all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

Hello there friends!

Do you all like charm bracelets? I actually like to call them "memories bracelets" since they're such a unique way to capture your life's memories and passions in a bracelet strand.

When SOUFEEL contacted me about trying their products I was instantly gawking through their website ooohing and aahing. They have so many cute charms, bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings!

Of course I said yes!

After looking through all their fabulous jewelry I decided to go with this Fervent Heart Charm Bracelet that includes not only the bracelet strand but three starter charms. I then added the Random Stripe Charm, the Red Travel Suitcase Charm (my favorite!) and the Layers of Petals Charm.

Jun 12, 2015

DIY No Sew Adjustable Crib Skirt {No more bunching up when mattress is lowered!}

You will see an asterisk (*) next to any affiliate links in my posts. This means that I make a small commission when you make a purchase using this link at no extra cost to you.

I love crib skirts; They're such a fun way to complete a crib's style. Bumpers I'm not such a fan of but crib skirt are a must, at least in my book! 

What I don't like is the bunching up that happens with store bought crib skirts when you lower the mattress as the baby gets older.

I had this problem with my daughter's crib skirt and it just ended up looking sloppy which is not cute at all!

The solution: this DIY NO SEW ADJUSTABLE CRIB SKIRT that is easy to make!

Reasons why this no sew crib skirt and I are bff's:

- It's NO SEW! I have no desire to learn to sew as of late so this is perfect for me! The lazier easier, the better.

- It's ADJUSTABLE which means the sloppy, wrinkly, droopy crib skirt look will not be happening in this little man's nursery. Hallelujah!

- I  got to CUSTOMIZE it to the exact pattern and colors I wanted and didn't have to settle for what was available in the stores. You can even add trims and embellishments for extra detail. Just call yourself a crib skirt designer, baby!

Jun 5, 2015

DIY Rustic Book Ledges {another nursery project crossed off the list!}

You will see an asterisk (*) next to any affiliate links in my posts. This means that I make a small percentage if you make a purchase using this link at no extra cost to you.

Happy Friday friends!

I really hope you guys aren't getting tired of all the nursery projects I've been sharing around here lately but right now that's pretty much ALL that has been going down in the Galindo household. Our baby boy, Ethan, is due to be here in 7 weeks so focusing on the nursery to do list is a must!

At least I got to give our sofa table a chalky makeover.

If you're not interested in any nursery related projects and would rather see home diy or home decor projects, you're welcomed to visit my Project Gallery page where you will find many home ideas.

But.....if you're still with me on the whole "Project Nursery" theme that has taken over this blog of mine (and Instagram feed) then you're going to love these DIY RUSTIC BOOK LEDGES that we made out of these Anna White plans!

Here's why I'm swooning over these ledges:

They're easy to make, they're aesthetically pleasing AND my absolute favorite, they take up no floor space whatsoever which is such a huge deal when the room you're working with is very small!

Jun 1, 2015

My Current Favorite Beauty Products

You will see an asterisk (*) next to any affiliate links in my posts. This means that I make a small percentage if you make a purchase using this link at no extra cost to you.

Hello friends!

I thought it would be nice to take a little break from sharing home and nursery projects and instead quickly share some of my current favorite beauty products.

These are the beauty products that I've been loving, finding myself reaching for more than usual and would recommend to any friend.

My friend Lisa from Texas Decor shares posts like these every so often and they just seem like so much fun! No tutorial, no step by step instructions and no materials list. Just a simple girl to girl gab on beauty.

Very refreshing, right?

I'll start everything off with these Suave hair products that were sent to me a while back. I've always enjoyed Suave hair products and I look forward to every new line they come out with. This line is called Luxe Style and I've tried the hairsprays, mousses, creams, curling gel and blow dry spray (for volume).

I've really enjoyed alternating between products depending on my hairstyle for the day. None of these hair products leave a yucky residue on my hair, they make my hair easy to manage throughout the day and they are easy to wash off. Not to mention they smell sooooo good!

May 29, 2015

Sofa Table Makeover Using DIY Chalk Paint

You will see an asterisk (*) next to any affiliate links in my posts. This means that I make a small percentage if you make a purchase using this link at no extra cost to you.

Hey there peeps!

If you follow me on Instagram then you already know how this Sofa Table Makeover came about.

My problem was that it blended in way too much with our couch and I needed to find a way to make it stand out.....and what easier way to achieve that than with my all time favorite DIY Chalk Paint!

I asked on Instagram what color you all thought would rock this table, a light grey or a cream and the votes were sorta tied. 

May 21, 2015

Modern Rustic Crib Mobile

Well hello there friends!

Our little boy's nursery is coming along great and we're almost finished with it! It feels SO good to say that, let me tell ya! I give props to the pregnant women in their 8th-9th month preparing a nursery but that is not for me. I like to have everything done at least a month before the baby's due date so I can have time to just breathe. Anyone else feel the same way?

The latest project to get crossed of our nursery to do list is this MODERN RUSTIC CRIB MOBILE I made after being inspired by a twig I found in my craft stash. 

What was a twig doing in my craft stash? Don't ask. The important thing here is the twig found its purpose. 

You're welcome twig.

May 1, 2015

Modern Rustic Nursery Progress

Hello friends!!

As promised I'm doing a quick update on what's been going down in our baby boy's nursery (we still don't have a name yet so "baby boy" is what we've been referring to him as lol).

Today marks the beginning of my third (and final) trimester and it feels so good to be getting things crossed off our to do list for this nursery!

I now have a style/s to describe this nursery: Modern Rustic!

I wasn't sure where I'd be taking this space in the beginning but after some changes and tweaks, I think I'm finally happy where this place is going.

This is how you last saw the nursery in my latest nursery progress update:

Apr 23, 2015

DIY Wooden Arrow: The newest addition to my gallery wall

You will see an asterisk (*) next to any affiliate links in my posts. This means that I make a small percentage if you make a purchase using this link at no extra cost to you.

Hello lovely friends!

Today I'm over my sister's house watching my niece (and daughter but then again I always watch her!) so I thought I'd write a quick post sharing my newest gallery wall love: this DIY Wooden Arrow that adds a little more interest and charm to my gallery wall.

I have an OBSESSION with arrows (there will be quite a few of them in the nursery) and this was the perfect way to incorporate one into our living room!

When I first added this gallery wall to my living room, it only consisted of framed pieces. And although I loved it and was so happy I finally had a gallery wall, I knew that at some point I would be adding some interesting pieces with  different shapes than a rectangle or square. In other words, I just didn't want frames for a gallery wall. I love when there's a few interesting pieces to break up the frames.

I got my inspiration from this wooden arrow from Liz at Love Grows Wild but instead of using wood pallet, I used left over scrap wood we had from my Rustic Industrial Chalkboard.

I don't have a tutorial for you since I made this on a whim (with the help of my awesome husband) one Saturday afternoon. Sometimes I can get a little carried away and forget to take pictures.

You can, however, check out Liz's tutorial or this one from Mypinterventures. There's really so many tutorials out there! Just type in DIY wooden arrow on Pinterest and you'll see what I mean.

To glue my pieces together I used *Liquid Nails since this is by far the best adhesive I have ever used on a project!

I used my favorite gray stain, *Rust-Oleum's Weathered Gray to give it a nice gray wash and then I lightly sanded the whole piece down to distress it a tad.

I used my trusty *Command Strips to hang my new arrow and it's holding up great! I love these strips for hanging things on the wall without making ugly holes! I always buy the package that comes with assorted sizes for holding different weights. Genius idea!

Isn't it pretty? It's obvious I used too much glue and you can see where the stain didn't take because of the glue...oops. I still love it though!

This is what my gallery wall currently looks like and I have a feeling it's not going to stay like this. Nothing in this house ever stays the same for long! I love adding and rearranging things around the house, don't you?

Aside from the arrow, my other "interesting pieces" are the small plates and the gold key I got from Hobby Lobby and spray painted gold. Gold just rocks. Gold will always rock. Period.

So what do you guys think? Do you love arrows as much as I do?

You can visit my Project Gallery page for even more DIY ideas!

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